Doubts in repetitive prayers


I try to say a rosary everyday. Some days I get a real motivation and try to meditate deeply on the prayers and sometimes I feel like I say the Lords prayer and Hail Mary like a software, as in these prayers are so deeply engraved in my brains and I don`t get an opportunity to meditate on the prayers. I am a bit curious about how others go about this. Would be grateful if someone can guide me to pray the rosary to its fullest. Thanks.



People saying the Rosary typically meditate on the Holy Mysteries for each decade, not on the words of the individual prayers. The repeating of the individual prayer is supposed to provide a background for meditation on the mysteries. You could, I suppose, meditate on the words of the Hail Mary as it’s the Mystery of the Annunciation in prayer form, but there are 19 other Holy Mysteries so meditating on the same one for every rosary is bound to get tiresome.

People meditate on Holy Mysteries in a variety of ways, including

  • by using their imagination to picture the Mystery in their head while saying the prayers
  • by looking at a picture of the Mystery while praying
  • by doing a Scriptural Rosary where you read some scripture about the Mystery in between the rosary prayers and reflect on it
  • by reading some other Rosary meditation either while saying the prayers (if they can pray and read at the same time) or just before you pray and then keep it in your head while praying.


Every day I say “Love you, babe” while I rush out the door to work.

The repetition of a thing does not make it empty.

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I would meditate on the mysteries of the rosary. That’s how most people do it and I have done it before and loved it. Doing this will help you get to know Our Lady and Christ better and strengthen your relationship with them.



Offer the Our Father slowly, even one word at a time, reflecting on the meaning of each word. You could do this over the course of a day. Books have been written examining the Lord’s Prayer in micro.

As to the Rosary, a Rosary CD of Fr. Benedict Groeschel† C.F.R. has his usual excellent reflections before each decade. A lifetime of pondering if one dissects his words. Come Pray the Rosary offers a chance to visually experience the Holy Land as you contemplate. It is a world-wide offering and there is a counter which ows the number of others praying with you.

Best of all is to set a time aside for pure prayer. No errand running, driving to work, chasing after this or that. Many have set up a mini altar or other devotional space in their homes to assist in prayer.

Prayer is a conversation, a raising the heart and mind to God. This is quite doable even in our noisy culture, but one must dedicate themselves to time with God.

Go to ADORATION!!! No better place this side of heaven than to offer prayer in the presence of Jesus Christ. Even more so if you struggle with belief in the Eucharist. As the very same Fr. Groeschel taught:

“You may spend your life looking forward to it, or looking back on it, but when you are aware that He is there, you will be changed.”




I’ll let Rosary experts chime in on their techniques, but I just wanted to add that it is not compulsory to pray the Rosary. It is a devotion, not a requirement. It’s been years since I prayed it. But I do pray the Liturgy of the Hours daily and faithfully.

What’s important is to have a regular, daily, prayer life. God speaks to us in many ways, and the Rosary is just one of those ways.

Note I’m not putting down the Rosary. It’s just not for me and I’m not alone in this.



Like me and Novenas. With poor short-term memory, I don’t think I’ve ever remembered to finish a single one. :disappointed:



They have apps to help with that now.

ETA: Regarding the rosary- I pray a scriptural rosary. It helps me focus and to not let my mind wander.


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