I’m starting to have serious doubts about Christianity. This is the first time i’ve been exposed to the non American/prosperity gospel variant of Christianity and it’s wonderful. The people give a damn, go out of their way to be nice, people care. Now the problem, the idea of Christ as well as the rest of the Bible sounds nice but I just disagree with a lot of it’s applications as well as it’s countless contradictions.
I have had scant exposure to the religon and growing up despised the American/prosperity gospel variant with a passion for it’s woeful ignorance, foolishness and the stupidity of it’s followers so I went out of my way to avoid it. I always had respect for the mainline variants for their adheriants to rites, rules and rejection of materialism, but I never bothered with it since I never had it around me growing up.
A mentor of mine growing up was buddhist, and while I did have plenty of pagan elements growing up I didn’t ever believe the gods were real, they were more like archtypes/good examples. No matter how much I wish, I know Thor won’t appear and just fry people with miljonir. Also the values and cultural elements that christianity later adopted in Christmas and Easter to make it more palitable as well as modifying the bible for European consumption.

Biggest problem I have is swallowing all this, especially with all the stuff I know. Jesus is awesome and all that, but the whole fallen nature of man, stains on souls, etc. People in general suck, but geez I never bought into the whole fallen nature thing, I just figure it’s an evolutionary holdover and well, people in general are kinda dumb.

Still, all that aside, there is one thing that sticks out, the people really do care. I can’t complain too much, they chose to let me in and have been so nice. The godparent the priest suggested is a nice retired guy who kinda reminds me of santa claus with a nicely kept beard. He’s kind to people who had messed up lives and the priest and nun who’s helping me along highly recomended him.
I don’t know, Part of it is just all the horrible disfunction i’ve been through and am still in therapy over (I’m about done with it though, the church has done more good to be honest).
I’m still trying to make sense out of what really is a new experience for me.
The trust aspect also plays into this, I get the feeling I can trust these people, they won’t just leave me in the cold when it’s convenient.

Well may you doubt. You must not judge Christianity by what people of this world do or say. Since Adam, man has been evil. But God is LOVE. It is to God that you must turn, not to people.

Are you in RCIA?


We should be clear here. Christ is not an idea. He is an historical person, and His actions and teachings have been preserved in the Christian traditions.

Also, I’m not aware of any contradictions. Can you please provide an example of such? What applications do you disagree with?

Whatever values and cultural elements carried over into Christianity with respect to the holidays you mentioned carried over incidentally, not intentionally to “make it more palatable.” Christmas, for example, the celebration of the birth of Jesus was celebrated on December 25 because it coincided with a major Roman holiday. This was not done to make it more palatable to the Romans. Rather, Christianity was illegal in the Roman Empire for over 300 years. You could be arrested and put to death for being Christian. Therefore, in order to celebrate Christian holy days, Christians then celebrated on days when everyone else was celebrating in order that they would not be found out.

As for the Heliand, that was commissioned by an emperor, not by Christian leaders.

Jesus can’t possibly be awesome if human nature isn’t fallen and we are subject to the consequences of Original Sin. If you think He is, but don’t believe in the rest of that, then you don’t really understand what He taught and did. None of it makes sense if we are not fallen and in need of a saviour.

I’m glad to hear you are with people who are caring so well for you. We all need that kind of love.

Well, since no one else has discussed this, i have seen many people get sudden doubts shortly before they are to be received into the Church. First, we all tend to get cold feet before making a major change; second we have the desire of Satan to keep people out of the Church. I would suggest that you talk all this over with those in RCIA or the priest.

I fully see what the previous poster said. I am due to be received into the Church at the Easter Vigil Mass and am getting bouts of doubt, finding myself reading the gospels and thinking it sounds like myth and also being drawn towards Youtube listening to atheists (Hitchens, Dawkins, Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais) deriding religion (particularly Catholicism and he Church). I keep praying, stick to my guns, and experience has taught me that eventually it passes. Praise God though for forums like this where you can express your doubts.

I find myself watching more Asatru videos, reading about the temple they’re making in Iceland to the gods, and more and more about the history of the Germanic folks interaction with the church. Heh, someone told me long ago St. Boniface chopped down Thor’s oak to prove the gods aren’t real, always wondered if that was one reason why he was murdered, revenge for chopping the tree down.

Definitely. Also, if you are learning about the Catholic Church for the first time, as most are in RCIA, you are vulnerable as a Catholic. What I mean is that you are being exposed to a lot of stuff for the first time and, well, it’s easy to knock a toddler down who is just learning to walk.

We will be praying for you, and the other new Catholics to be received into the Church next week, but please don’t stop there! Now you have the rubrics, and it is up to you to continue to learn and build your faith. That’s how the likes of Dawkins and his other atheist cohorts are countered. Read books, read and emulate the saints, listen to Catholic Answers, watch youtube videos such as Fr. Larry Richards and The Journey Home, and most importantly, you must live out the gospel message. We all must!!

Prayers to all of you who will be newly initiated in 6 short days!

Would I be correct in thinkig you’re not baptised yet? Baptism is a HUGE sacrament. It gives grace, strength and power for the journey and opens the door to al lthe sacraments . Prayers ascending for you

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