Before I became Catholic, I considered converting to Orthodoxy (from Protestantism), so I read a few things here and there.

Without going into specifics, there are some things that Orthodox saints have said about the Catholic Church and the Catholic saints.

For instance, in the Orthodox Church, it is taught not to pray with imaginations, even of Jesus, His Holy Mother, saints, angels, etc. To only focus on words.

…then how do I pray the Rosary?

Some Orthodox saints believe that certain saints greatly esteemed in our Church were actually living in spiritual delusion (e.g., visions, apparitions).

Now I’m struggling with doubt.

I don’t want to offend God by doubting the Church (especially after partaking of Communion today), but I can’t help but have this feeling: How can holy Orthodox and Catholic saints contradict each other? One of the Churches is not completely correct – what if the Orthodox are right?

There’s a sense that I’m betraying the Church and Our Lady…

I would humbly recommend that you stop reading the writings of Orthodox Saints, and rather focus on the bigger picture here: that the Orthodox exist in a state of schism, and we therefore shouldn’t whither away in front of the fact that they have different views of things.

If you can’t help yourself buy to look at contrary opinions to those of the Church—and there is only one Church, as the Creed makes clear—then I suggest you first determine whether you are being drawn by your emotions or your intellect. The latter can be analyzed, the former is simply your body doing what it does best: seeking delight and pleasure.

If you have specific intellectual questions regard Catholic vs. Orthodox apologetics, there are, I’m sure, many who can point you in the right direction. And if you are “feeling” doubt because of your emotions, then I again recommend delving into apologetics, but I also recommend sitting down with a good priest and discussing in a serious manner your level of discipline over your passions, and how you can form good habits to better control them.

We’re not praying to the images. We use the images to help us focus. I find it hard to pray without them.

Well said. :thumbsup:

A wise person once said to me that only fanatics never have doubts. Go figure! Faith is not fanaticism. It has like our bodies and in our bodies ups and downs, Tranqullity is knowing that and not heeding it.

Another wise person once said that if faith depended on how we feel, a headache or upset stomach would mean there is no God

Living in pain and illness here and never was faith so quietly with me. I need never think of it. It flows through the work of my hands abed, In tending my critters.

How blessedly different we all are…I never used or use images :slight_smile: OP it is not compulsory

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