Doug Jones Wins Bama

Senator Jeff Flake, R-AZ: “Decency wins.”



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I like how Jeff Flake thinks murdering children is “decency”.


Should have picked Luther Strange, a decent respectable guy from what I’ve seen and read but the Republicans were too addicted to demagoguery. Oh well, if they’re smart they would learn something before November 2018.

It was worth losing the general to see Luther Strange lose the primary. If there is one thing everyone hates more than a Democrat, it’s establishment Republicans.

Hopefully this represents the end of Bannon. The loss is going to play havoc with the GOP’s legislative agenda, but it now gives them the ammunition to cut Bannon down to size.

I suspect that as we speak, somewhere in the bowels of an editing studio, some Democrats are already cutting together the 2018 ads of Trump stumping for a man accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls. Moore is the gift that will keep on giving.


I like how you describe the sexual assault of a minor as a “gift that keeps on giving”.

Oh leftists, never change!

I’m really tired of hearing the support for Moore based solely upon Jones’ pro abortion stance. Even if Moore did enter the Senate, the chances of abortion laws being overturned are basically zilch. And when Jones enters the Senate, chances are there are not going to be any new pro-abortion laws put into place. The country is just too divided for anything of that nature to actually come to fruition, especially during this presidency.

So if your only reason for supporting a sexual predator is because his opponent is pro-abortion, that’s just nonsensical.

Listen, I’m pro-life as much as the next Catholic but Jones winning is not the end for pro-life advocacy. In all likelihood, nothing will change, just as nothing would likely change with abortion laws if Moore had won.

I suppose you are going to reply with the following:
1.) Anyone who is pro-abortion does not deserve to be an elected official
2.) There is no proof that Roy Moore is a sexual predator

In response:
1.) Try to find solace in the fact that abortion laws will not be further altered to allow for more abortion. It just isn’t going to happen. Have faith. Sexual predators also don’t deserve to be elected, yet here we are trying to decide between two evils. That’s politics, for you.
2.) When you’ve already decided that someone is innocent in your mind, there will never be enough proof for you.


I didn’t say that at all. I said Moore will be the gift that keeps giving. At least have the decency to comment on what I said.

Oh conservatives, never stop your blatant attempts .to twist the word of others!


I don’t live in Alabama, so I am not a Roy Moore supporter.

As pro-life as the next Catholic is pretty broad, doesn’t really say much. Do you mean you are nominally “pro-life” but really don’t care?

I don’t know whether Moore was innocent or not. I suspect he was guilty of some and innocent of the worst of it. Not really my problem, to be honest. He was terrible at defending himself. Can’t help a man who won’t help himself. People compare him to Trump but even when Trump is wrong, he doesn’t quibble. Moore was another weakling. Couldn’t hack it in the big leagues. He served his ultimate purpose, as far as I’m concerned, when he beat Strange.

This election was just another break in the chains that bind us together either way it went, so my side wins regardless. I think it’s hilarious that people on here are celebrating. If they value unity at all they should be weeping, but they don’t see it, and that is honestly the funniest thing in the world for me.

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I don’t buy it. If anything, Moore’s defeat shows that even in the reddest of Red States a basic level of American decency is evident. Such a candidate, regardless of what party affiliation he boasts, and regardless of where he is running, has no business being elected to Congress.


As pro-life as the next Catholic is pretty broad, doesn’t really say much. Do you mean you are nominally “pro-life” but really don’t care?

What a charitable response. I’m as pro-life as the Catechism tells us to be.

so my side wins regardless

Concept: We shouldn’t be splitting ourselves into “sides”. Guess I can’t expect that mature response from some who said,

Oh leftists

If they value unity at all they

Pot calling the kettle black


I don’t quite see it that way. We’ve been stuck with a Republican government who is willing to short their values for immediate political gain. They’ve been taken over by the like of Trump and so on; maybe they’ll be more free to govern with more principles given that the Trump / Bannon effect might be losing some stream.


Decency Wins.
Country over Party.
God is Great!

A double blow to Humpty Trumpty


I think it’s hilarious that abortion is being put forward as evidence of “decency”. But that’s where we’re at. Which leads to my next point:

You shouldn’t. But that’s exactly what I want. You’re accusation of hypocrisy doesn’t work here because I don’t care about unity. I will openly admit it. I have no interest whatsoever in “unifying” with Democrats. I want them to lose. I don’t want to find a middle ground, I want them destroyed and ground into nothingness. The only way to win the war is to fight it, and right now we need people to be driven apart so they are willing to fight. Which is why I’m laughing. Here you are celebrating the “decency” of this one tiny tree and you’re missing all the gas that we’re pouring on the forest.

Exactly why Trump is necessary. The short-term gain is winning in the broken system. The good folks here said it perfectly: no matter who wins, abortion stays. Status quo reigns supreme regardless of who wins. Republicans want to keep playing the game with the corrupt refs and hoping to make a good show of losing. Trump is the bomb that blows up the game, the stadium, and everyone in it.

And once again, not everything is about abortion. It’s the height of hypocrisy to shake your fists at abortion, and then demand voters elect a child molester to further the cause.


Muah-hah-ha! We’re all playing into ChunkMonk’s trap! They’ve got it all figured out and we silly leftists are nothing but pawns in the game!


There’s no use fighting ChunkMonk’s master plan.


Ah yes, getting a Democrat elected in one of the Republican’s most reliable fortresses… wheels within wheels.


I know you’re a nice atheist so I just have to say amen to this! :slight_smile:

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