Doug, whose house burned and wife died


I did not see a real spot for prayer requests so I am posting this here.

I am in Memphis, TN. A very good customer of mine in Lapel,IN just called me to tell me why he was going to be late with his bill this month.

Sunday night or Monday night his home burned :frowning: He managed to break out a window, get the adult daughter awake, toss 1 grandaughter into a smow drift, get the other out with mama. his bedridden wife died in the fire :frowning: I think the son-in-law is serving us all in Iraq.

I have watched this man take a very small home based service business & turn it into a nice well ran store-front shop. He is a very devoted family man.

Please pray for him, his daughter & granddaughters, the son-in-law in the military and the repose of the soul of his dear wife.


Since I cannot edit I will β€œedit” in this fashion. There was a misunderstanding, his wife was not bedridden.

His grandaughters are about the same age as mine.


If you let me know his first name I will pray for him.




Praying for Doug and his family.


Me too!




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