Doves are anti-polygamy (mate for life).

That was a new information for me, I really liked it :heaven:, I also found that there are other birds whom are mate for life (swans, geese, and eagles)

One of the Christianity principles is Anti-polygamy, I wish this information would move something inside those supporting polygamy from the other religions to think twice before breaking the heart of their first wife.

i would like to answer but my religion is banned on this forum so i cant:D

From what I could see of the threads regarding Islam, it wasn’t your religion that was banned as much as it was the bashing of it that was. :wink:

However, this thread isn’t about Islaam. It’s about polygamy, so…go for it!

Whales are monogamous too, if I’m not mistaken. Apparently some mates are so distraught if they lose a loved one that it’s possible for a whale widow/widower to die from grief.

So are wolves monogamous.

But I wouldn’t want one shedding on my pillow.

The point is, we are not wolves. We are not doves. We are not whales, or eagles, or any one of many other species that ‘mate for life.’

We are also not deer, moose, lions or any one of the species of animals whose males battle it out every fall in order to get the biggest harem they can.

We are also not ants, or bees, or leopards or any other species of cat (other than lions) or bears or any of the species that come together to mate and then live apart because the males have this unfortunate tendency to eat their offspring (or the females eat the males or the males just die, their procreative duty done).

We are humans. There have been times when God not only allowed polygamy, He made certain that there were divine laws set down for the treatment of wives…there was one time when He castigated David for yondering after Bathsheba; God told him that HE had given David all of Saul’s wives and concubines, and would have given him MORE if David had asked–why did he go after Bathsheba?

Solomon wasn’t yelled at for having a bunch of wives. He was yelled at for taking wives among the wrong people…pagans and non-believers. His problem was quality, not quantity, in other words. :wink:

There have been times (now seems to be one of them) when polygamy is forbidden us. The reason isn’t that GOD changes, but that we do. So…perhaps we should emulate the wolf, especially in these very strange times. After all, in wolf packs only the alpha male and female mate or have cubs. Everybody else just…deals with disappointment.

It WOULD solve the population problem neatly, wouldn’t it?

…assuming, of course, that you buy into the idea that there IS a "population problem’ in the first place. :wink: Since I have five kids, obviously I can’t really give anybody problems about that one.

The divinely inspired apostles through the God-breathed scripture alerted us to follow monogamous relationships, and even Christ - speaking about marriage - speaks only of monogamous marriages (even using Adam and Eve). That is enough for me to believe a man should only have one wife. :slight_smile:

There were times in the OT when polygamy existed, but there were many things under the new covenant which we are no longer obliged, according to scripture, to follow. Likewise, not every moment of polygamy was because God necessarily said, “I’m OK with it.” There were moments, such as the instance of divorce, where it was later clarified (again, through Christ and the apostles) that it was due to the hardness of the people’s hearts rather than the will of God.

Most animals are polygamous. Monogamy is the rare exception, rather than the rule, in the animal kingdom.

But humans are not mere animals. We are created in the image and likeness of God, meaning we are endowed with reason and free will. We are fallen creatures with a wounded nature, but due to our powers of reason and free will, and grace from God, we can choose to overcome our fallen nature and be better than the animals. We can obey the consistent will of God as it was from the beginning - one man with one woman.

The idea that people can learn morality from animals is a silly, romantic new-age idea. Better to learn morality from the Word of God.

No “your religion” is not banned, the moderator was very clear, he said:

  1. New threads about Islam, (so you can continue discussing Islam on current running Islamic threads).
  2. For the foreseeable future, (so you can create new Islamic threads in the near future if you want).

:slight_smile: thanks for the info…:thumbsup: for the whales.

Who told you there is no population problem!!!, come here to Saudi Arabia and see the families with +20 members scattered in the streets living in dirty places and not having good education, not even to mention the unemployment issue…

That was the economical side, BUT what about the emotional side of the story, take for example this man who married 58 times, and this man who has 86 wives, what about the first wife, no care for her emotions what so ever!!!

The idea that people can learn morality from animals is a silly, romantic new-age idea. Better to learn morality from the Word of God.

It’s not about learning from them but inspiring by those GOD creatures, I personally never knew that there are creatures (animals and birds) that are monogamous.

Hold it. I didn’t say that there wasn’t one, only that, as the mother of five, I can’t criticise it. :wink:

You can’t criticise polygamy :confused:
Is polygamy allowed in the LDS sect?

It was in the past but the majority of the LDS no longer practise it now as it became a major point of contention between them and the US govt. at points. There are some minority splinter groups who do practise it still.

If you must play the persecution card do try to do at an appropriate time. The moderator did not ban Muslims generally. He asked could people stop opening endless threads on the subject for a short time, which was clearly directed against particular baiting threads aimed against Islam.

If Islam was banned you would have been unable to make your own post above.

I’m disappointed to hear that, I was holding high respect for LDS sect…

However, you said the majority of the LDS no longer practise it, I can’t understand that!, it should be either in their dogma or not!, also is there a single authority in LDS like the Catholicism?

In the sense that the Papacy and magisterium are present in the Catholic faith the answer would be no. I’'ll leave a member of the LDS faith to answer as to how their hierachy works in detail but polygamy was originally allowed and was then forbidden for the present time. It should be noted changeable doctrines from generation to generation which are constantly been revised are one of the key problems many non LDS have with the LDS.

In our exchange, the topic was overpopulation. I can’t criticise overpopulation. I was not referring to polygamy.

As for polygamy, no. It is not allowed in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In fact, being a polygamist is one of the shortest routes to excommunication there is. However, there are several smaller Mormon sects that DO practice polygamy.

Compare the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Catholicism in this way; just as the Catholics have Protestants who split off from them "in protest’ of this practice or that one, so do the LDS have ‘split off’ groups. Some of those groups practice polygamy. However, the main group…by far the largest (about 14 million) does not.

Even the largest polygamous offshoot groups number in the thousands, not the millions.

As to ‘dogma,’ I still have a problem figuring out the difference between the Catholic view of ‘dogma’ vs. ‘doctrine.’ That’s not their fault; it’s mine. However, because I have a problem with it, if I begin to try to explain MY beliefs in terms of ‘dogma’ or ‘doctrine,’ then I get into all sorts of trouble.

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