Dow turns positive for year: Erases 2,000-point plunge

From CNN Money.


It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors, really.

Yes, and when a house of cards fall, it tends to be a sudden and BAD collapse.

There’s been a bit of correlation between oil and stock prices lately.

They’re still trying to figure it all out.

Low oil prices are good for the consumer, bad for the stock market.

Everything is bad…for somebody!

The thing is that a lot of central banks are going negative interest rates to drive up asset prices (commodities, real estate) and devalue their currencies (hoping to stimulate employment via cheaper labor). Where fiscal policies can’t work, the central banks take it upon themselves to dictate monetary policies. So far there haven’t been any attempts to stop them either. Someone on Bloomberg suggested that they could just print an abundant supply of money and drop it from helicopters, just as Ben Bernanke once implied or stated that he would do. Probably better than the old joke about burning houses down to cut down the supply.

OTOH, who wouldn’t want to borrow money when he doesn’t have to pay it all back?

it is really amazing what the printing press of the us fed and falsely rising oil prices can do

I don’t play the market as I don’t have that much capital nor really have the desire but it’s amazing how many people think the POTUS is either to blame or praise for which way the stock market or the economy goes. I had a co-worker, God bless her, praise Obama for the low gas prices he brought to America.

I wanted to tell her that back in 2006, gas prices were below 1.50 as well and Bush was the POTUS but to keep harmony in the office decided against it. Amazing.

I hope to sell a house next year that I have been hanging onto for 8 years to regain the equity I lost in 2007 in the real estate collapse. I lost a lot of money in the stock market in 2008 as well. I am afraid to reinvest the money I get from the proceeds of the sale of my house. I am 64 years old and will need the money to grow some way. I can’t afford to lose it in another Wall Street collapse. I don’t know what I will do.

Unfortunately, given the current environment of more and more reduction on returns on investment, there is growing fear within people that they will outlive their savings. Capital gains are nice, but inevitable capital losses tend to offset any gains there too.

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