Down Syndrome order needs "neurotypical" sisters


There exists in France a new community which follows the Rule of St. Benedict and the Little Way of St. Therese. They’re known as the Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb. One of their young neurotypical sisters passed to Heaven around 2014, and they need more sisters without DS to be able to accept more DS aspirants. They will accept international vocations.

An article about them:


I have read about communities such as this and it just makes my heart so happy! May God bless them with an abundance of vocations – may He make them saints, and may they be a blessing to the whole Church and the world!



This is beautiful. My daughter is hoping to one day visit them, but that may be a long time in the future. In the meantime, they are in our thoughts and prayers.


Thanks for the article. What an amazing and wonderful thing that this community should exist!


I wonder if there is a similar community for individuals on the autism spectrum? What a lovely idea! Was I a Catholic with a vocation, I’d definitely consider visiting them. As it stands, I am a Protestant discerning conversion. Even if I did convert, I’d want to wait at least a year or two before starting to discern a vocation.


You’re welcome to join our CAMM Autism Ministry which sponsors the Leonie League. We have a proposed charism for autism, but we are beginning everything as CAMM/CCMM Ministries. We also have an eremitical network consisting of spectrum persons which supports the Leonie League.


I would like to learn more. I am an individual on the higher end of the autism spectrum interested in learning about Franciscan and Benedictine theology. I also want to serve those on the lower end of the spectrum.


Your best bet right now is going to be getting involved with your local autism society.

The internet is chock full of Franciscan and Benedictine sites. Begin with reading the Rules, which will familiarize you with their respective spiritualities.

Our online Leonie League is primarily for prayer. Even if we had medical personnel on the group, it would be irresponsible for them to try and practice online without seeing the client.


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