Downing Street scrambles to explain why Donald Trump has spoken with nine world leaders – but not Theresa May


They spoke half an hour ago but after nine other world leaders :smiley:

**Downing Street scrambles to explain why Donald Trump has spoken with nine world leaders – but not Theresa May

Donald Trump has spoken with nine world leaders but has yet to call Theresa May, throwing her claim of a ‘special relationship’ into tatters.

Downing Street is scrambling to explain why the President-elect has made time to speak with a string of presidents and prime ministers – but has yet to make contact with Britain’s…

It has now emerged that Mr Trump has - in just 24 hours - spoken with the leaders of Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, Israel, Turkey, India, Japan, Australia and South Korea.

He has invited the Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny to the White House for St Patrick’s Day next year, after a ten-minute conversation.

And, in a 20-minute chat, he arranged to meet Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister next week, before an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

A No.10 spokesman was unable to say whether a phone call is scheduled to enable Ms May to speak with Mr Trump.

Chancellor Philip Hammond this afternoon tried to dismiss the apparent snub, telling journalists that Britain has no “urgent business” to discuss with President Trump.

Meanwhile, the Trump camp has said it has “no immediate plans” to travel to Britain or Europe ahead of his January inauguration.

On the issue of a telephone call, the No.10 spokesman said: “The call will be scheduled for the earliest opportunity.”

Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader, tweeted: “Trump yet to call May, but has called Egypt Ireland Mexico Israel Turkey India Japan & Australia…almost like we are ‘back of the queue’.”

Mr Trump – who recently bought a golf course in Ireland reportedly worth £12.4m - quickly found time to speak with Mr Kenny and invite him to America.

The tradition of a get-together with the Taoisigh on St Patrick’s Day would continue “in the spirit of the strong ties between the two countries”, Mr Trump said.

Mr Kenny said: “I had a very good conversation with the president elect.

“He understands Ireland very well, he was complimentary about the decisions made about the economy here. He is looking forward to doing business with Ireland.”

Mr Trump also pledged his commitment to defend South Korea, during a phone call with its president Park Geun-hye, a news agency in the country said.**


You don’t call to get congratulated…we colonials are sooooooooo rude! :slight_smile:


What a strange article. Why WOULD the celebrating winner call the leader of the UK? Shouldn’t she be calling him??


That’s what I thought as well upon reading this article.


And didn’t the UK vote to ban Trump from visiting or something ridiculous? I wouldn’t be in any hurry to call them. And as others have said, should **she **have called **him? **


There was no vote in the UK Parliament to “ban” Trump from entry, rather an online petition reached the required threshold of signatures for this to be debated in parliamentary session whereby it was quietly and politely consigned to the dustbin.


Well thank you for clearing that up. On another thread, someone was telling us that it actually happened.

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