Download AntiCatbot today!


Download AntiCatbot 2.0 today!

Yes! It’s finally here! Now you can have the best of everything! The personal infallibility of Sola Scriptura! The anonymity of the of the Internet! Power without accountability! All in a convenient bot that will free up your valuable time to disperse Jack Chick tracts

Dowload this easy to use program, enter in the Catholic forum’s address and watch as it automatically posts on the boards ad nauseum! A small but effective library of topics recycled ensures that the Catholic board members will be tied up answering the same questions hundreds of times! Just look at these great thread titles:

Proof of papal primacy??
Infant baptism not biblical!
Which will you choose: Jesus or religion?
Nun leaves church! Praise God!

And many more!


AntiCatbot does not just post topics. It responds as well! Using state of the art God-breathed Logic AI, the repsonses are guaranteed to keep the argument going round and round. Such as: “Why shouldn’t Maccabees be in the Bible.” “Because it is not inspired.” “How do you know it’s not inspired?” “Because it’s not in the Bible.” and so on.
And the responses are customizable! Set variables from Answer questions with a question to Completely ignore responses and post random Catholic caricature."


We are always improving and now feature the Customizable Personality Matrix. Set levels ranging from “Deceptively amiable and inquisitive” to “Contemptuously rhetorical” and all the way up to “Overt hostility”! Our new Lawyer Mode detects potentially thoughtful responses longer than a paragraph and posts: “Is that a yes or a no?”

Being banned? No Problem! AntiCatbot detects this and automatically registers under a new username and IP. It also detects links to other Catholic boards, registers and posts the IDENTICAL QUESTIONS!

You will love our new Scripture Spammer as it selects and posts Scripture passages at random regardless of context or appropriateness to the topic.

And don’t forget or new Catholic-on-Catholic feature: AntiCatbot posts questions about Novus Ordo, Vatican II, salvation outside of the church, and SSPX. Turn it on and watch the fur fly!

Wait ‘till you get your hands on our ECF Obfuscator. Support any doctrine with this feature. Bible only, faith alone, snake-handling, the Rapture—you name it! Switch it to ‘dismantle’, enter the Catholic teaching you want to destroy and watch the Elipticator chop up and spam Church Father quotes and soon those guys will look like a pack of slavering monkeys!

Turn on our Biblical Numerology feature and watch it post some mind-boggling calculations:

Matt. 21:17-- “And leaving them, he went out of the city into Bethany and lodged there.” = 492

1 Cor. 1:15-- “Because I was sure of this I wanted to…” = 167

Daniel 5:9-- “…and…” = 7

492 + 167 + 7 = 666! THE POPE IS THE ANTICHRIST!

So don’t delay! Get your copy of AntiCatbot now!

And remember, once installed always installed!


This is a joke isn’t it?Scott please tell me this is not for real.If it is a joke, this is in order:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: If it is for real this is in order:eek: :eek: :eek: Now which is it?God Bless


Thanks Scott!

I needed that ! :smiley: :smiley:

Could it be we’re suffering a bit of A/C burnout?


ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL!!:thumbsup: Oh my! I particularly like the “Catholic on Catholic” option!!! :smiley: applaud


hahaha:rotfl: That is hilarious. Did you come up with that yourself?




Why did you just post tihs now? I would have proposed this for my MS InfoTech thesis! Now I’ll have to do it for my MA Religious Ed. instead :slight_smile:


Thanks. This was something I wrote on another catholic board that was very loosely moderated where anti-catholic whackadoos would chew up the whole forum with their agenda. So much so that some of us began to wonder if it was really just one person with a spamming program. Someone requested a copy of it recently, so I thought I would break it out again. Other people gave me a few ideas to add like "once installed, always installed.



now, Scott, we want you to invent the anti-virus anti-spam antidote to anticatbot


:tsktsk: Don’t give 'em any ideas! :rotfl:


[quote=Scott Waddell]once installed, always installed.

rolls eyes Oh man, I JUST got this. rolls eyes again


THAT was LOL funny!!!

And, unfortunately, too close to true.


[quote=Church Militant]

DITTO :thumbsup:




:wink: Very clever! But don’t despair - **Joe Catholic ** to the rescue!

click here! (Note: those with dial-up modems might a minute to have all the frames of this gif to load.)


that was great! Thanks


[quote=Scott Waddell]And remember, once installed always installed!

:rotfl: The clarion call of Sola Botica!


Nice job. very funny :smiley:
As a geek I would suggest that Anticatbot has add-on modules so you can add your fav. denomation to make the AI act like your fav. charactor impressionator…
also must have a panic mode in which Anticatbot says “You Catholics always think your right!!!”:smiley:


Where’s the “How can the Pope be infallible if he has to use the bathroom?” type questions?

Wonderful work, BTW, I think I’m going to save this for the future :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=Bulldog]Nice job. very funny :smiley:
As a geek I would suggest that Anticatbot has add-on modules so you can add your fav. denomation to make the AI act like your fav. charactor impressionator…
also must have a panic mode in which Anticatbot says “You Catholics always think your right!!!”:smiley:

Actually, there are rumors of Easter eggs like a minigame called Canon Cannon where the player must shoot down papal bulls, encyclicals, deutercanonical scriptures, and council decrees before they reach the faithful. You win by holding them off until the year 1517 when God creates ex nihilo a completed KJV and drops it directly into the hands of the Reformers.

Or the Geneology Simulator which invents a string of evidence to show that your denomination can trace its origins back to the 1st century. Great for people tired of their arguments being obliterated by the mere fact of the Catholic Church’s existence for 1500 years prior to the Reformers.


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