Downloadable books?

I was just on and I downloaded some wonderful books-- but the thirst to read more just keeps growing, haha. I was wondering if anyone knows of any websites where I can download books.

I do have a library card, and I do use it often but the availability of physical books on Catholicism is scarce and usually takes two weeks to get here from another library. While I do wait for those books I wanted something to download and read on my laptop in the meantime.

Any help would be appreciated!! I’m interested in anything regarding Catholicism and religious philosophy.

-Teresa (multiple formats, incl. .epub) (all PDF format)


Here's some more:


Also, if you get tired reading, you may enjoy listening to good Catholic audio talks:




God bless!  :)

Hi can you mention those wonderful books so that one is sure not to be disappointed?

I wonder if you can download those to an ebook reader. I have one of those I rarely use. I’m not much of tech person.

Of course, you can buy Catholic eBooks.

Ignatius Pres:

And for real, physical books Catholic Answers has its own store:

This is a very large general archive.

Saints’ Books

Try, ‘Purgatory’ by Fr. F.X. Schouppe, or ‘Introduction to the Devout Life’ by St. Francis de Sales, or Fr. Paul O’Sullivan’s St. Philomena the Wonder-Worker for example…

Tan Books is a splendid place to buy physical copies.

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