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Hello all,
I wanted to get an answer to this badly. This has stumped all the priests i’ve asked. here goes:

years ago, i downloaded (not legally) tv shows and movies (most of which are catholic…) and i confessed a few years ago, thinking maybe this wasn’t okay…and i stopped. BUT…i still have all of this stuff on my hard drive. should i delete it? i mean i already have it…and i am not adding to it. hmm…

Okay, before you listen to me, I have to tell you that I have a scrupulous conscience.

But, if I were you, for the sake of perfection, I would delete it off the hard drive. If you acquired it via sin, I don’t think you should be making use of it. For instance, if you stole money, you would give it back, wouldn’t you? Well, while you can’t exactly purge your brain of what it remembers of those movies, you probably should not watch them again from the files that you downloaded illegally.

I say delete it. If you want to watch those programs or movies, perhaps you can get them from the public library or another available resource (maybe your parish?). If you really feel the need to possess your own copy, go ahead and buy it. You might be able to find legitimate (legal) used DVDs (at, for instance, or even amazon).

Priests that I have spoke to have not had any issues telling me when I did it that it was wrong and that I had to delete them. Weird…
God bless,

Yeah…bummer, but delete them i will.

I admit to downloading movies and TV shows, I just can’t afford to buy everything.
I try and see new films at the cinema in which case I never have to download or consider buying it on Blu-ray but I’ve never thought of piracy as being wrong.

Though what happens if you download an episode of a TV show as it’s being broadcast for instance, like in America you get to see an episode before the rest of the world and I download it just to keep up or risk waiting an entire year just to see it. What happens if I download that but then later buy the same season on Blu-ray or DVD?
That means the downloaded copy would be deleted but by buying it it’s like I’m giving something back, it’s like I’m contributing and paying them back for what I downloaded.
That’s the way I see it.
I often do that, especially with the shows I really like.

Delete them.


well, it is a sin to watch them, since you are using them again, so why use valuable space on something you are not going to use anymore?

You are like the Christian “Robin Hood”! Those producers/middlemen charged consumers too much or hard to access for some. The purpose of those materials are to reach out to people like us! You said you’ve already confessed, but if those materials can help evangelise you and/or other people, you should keep it!

Just my two cents.

P.s. I think St Francis of Assisi was once in a dilemma with one of his followers on this matter, too. And he did what I told you! Something like this: “Taking rice from someone to feed the poor is not stealing!”

1st of all, St Francis of Assisi is not the moral authority. The Catholic Church is.
2nd, where did you get this information? I have no knowledge that St Francis was encouraging stealing from the rich…

God bless,

as far as i understand the Robin Hood story, he was actually not stealing, since the government and such were the ones stealing from the people, so he was just taking back what was rightfully of the people. altough I might be wrong.

now about stealing to avoid to die from starvation is usually not a sin, since it is usually not stealing (read the Catechism), but I dont see any of those cases here.

look man, my way of thinking about this is, yes some movies and games are way too expensive, but we don’t need them, so we can just go without it.

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