Downloading and using something

I’ve saw a thread on this forum, in which it was wrote, that we cannot download and listen to music, if that downloading is illegal.
I want to ask simiral question. Can we download and use games, photos of nature, programs and use them? And still, about music. Someone told, that if we will pay for that, what we are downloading, we can use it. But I want to say, there is a lot of other, better ways how to waste money, for example support poors, give the money to foster home, etc. Of course, if we want, we can do this, and don’t download something for money, because it’s really not necessary.
Anyway, please, answer my questions. Thanks.

The issue here is property…to whom does the song or picture or program or whatever one is downloading belong and have they elected to share it with others (free).

In the case of musical artists, they want to get paid for their work. Same with other artists. If someone copies and distributes through posting it on the internet what is the property of others, if the owner doesn’t want it distributed for free, that is stealing. And downloading such material is like receiving stolen property.

Now sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether or not something is ethical to download from the internet. Sometimes artists put stuff up there to distribute for free in order to get seen or heard, in the hopes that people will like what they do and buy their art or their music or whatever.

Use common sense. If a program is available on a shareware site, it’s probably OK to download. But if you can download something like Adobe Ilustrator for free…and you have to use a “crack” or “keygen” to unlock it, that’s not OK.

Same with music. If you can download a song or album for free and it is for sale elsewhere on the internet, it’s probably stealing.

Most everyone knows that any picture that they put up on the internet is going to get around. I’m not familiar with the technology, but if a picture cannot be downloaded from its original site, the person probably didn’t want it distributed.

But you ARE supporting the poor by paying for that music. I don’t mean the musicians, although some of them don’t make a lot of money either. I mean the ordinary low-level (usually poorly-paid) employees working in the music companies, as they depend on those sales of downloads for their pay and to support themselves and their families.

I’ve back to this thread…
If a company which has created a computer game went to bankrupt, i think there won’t be anything wrong to download their product, right?

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