Downloading Music Albums

If a music album cannot be bought in the area one lives in, and cannot be bought online either, is it morally legitimate to download it for free? I am talking about a Vietnamese album I found.

I don’t believe so. You are not damaging the artist. You are probably violating some terms- but I don’t see why you are morally bound by them- and those terms may be violating moral principles, considering how broad they tend to be.


I would still contact the publisher and ask their permission, first. Explain your situation. If they have no problem with it, their response, in writing, will protect you if they later try to come after you for piracy. Though the group may be Vietnamese, their publisher or distributor may be located in a country that looks less favorably upon unauthorized procurement of intellectual or creative property.

Euh…the only place I can find it is in that one music website I am using. There is no reference to publisher or anything. When I try to look it up on the internet, there is nothing to points to publishing, but only similar websites.

Unless the artist/publisher has allowed free distribution of that particular album (or given permission), I would say the uploader who put the album on their website is participating in criminal activity, and thus, downloading something that was illegally put up (without just reason), imo, is wrong as well.

May I ask what the name of the Vietnamese band is?

Not a band, a solo. Well… Here’s the website:

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