Downloading Music Confession?

Well i just recently discovered that downloading music illegally is a sin but I didnt know that when I did it. Do I still have to confess that I downloaded music?

No. It’s a requirement of mortal sin that it be done with full knowledge that it IS a sin. So no need to confess.

And even now, I don’t know that it’s a mortal sin in all circumstances. After all, it’s analagous to stealing, and stealing 5 cents is unlikely to be a mortal sin.

well stealing is stealing no matter how much.

But what if I knew it was illegal or wasnt %100 sure it was illegal?

But now that I know it is a sin I shouldn’t do it right? and do i have to delete all my downloaded music>?

Had the same situation as you did. I deleted the whole lot of them., movies and all !!!:smiley:

I think most moral theologians would disagree with you about stealing being the same in all circumstances. They’d hold that stealing 5 cents or 5 dollars doesn’t constitute grave matter in 99% of circumstances, meaning stealing that amount would be very unlikely to be a mortal sin ever.

Delete your downloaded music? Sure. Reminded me that I have illegally copied CDs to get rid of myself.

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