Downloading sports torrents a sin?

Hi, I like to download both old and more recent sports, be it NBA, NHL, etc. I also have a big collection of foreign game shows as well downloaded from torrents. I have lately began to wonder if it this a sin. It is illegal technically, but I don’t believe that it should be in either case. I say that because, the games and shows I download, you cannot buy, and most likely never will be able to buy. Furthermore, I do not intend to make money off of these by selling them, I simply download them to enjoy for my own personal use.

Besides that, really I’m just doing the same thing I could do with a VCR. With a VCR you can record and playback shows for watching later, and with this you can download a game or show, and then watch it later when you feel like doing so.

All that being said, I would like to know your thoughts on this, as to whether or not downloading these things is a sin.

I personally don’t think this is a sin. Assuming that these are truly the reasons for making the downloads. :slight_smile:

They are, I don’t share them with anyone or anything really, if that’s what you mean. Outside of seeding it when I download it for ratio purposes, but other then that I’ve only uploaded or tried to upload 2 games myself. One was successful, one wasn’t.

Being an old guy, I remember when the only thing you could copy was songs off the radio - with a wire recorder. Then tape came along, then cassete tape recorders. Etc. Kids are still doing it - by burning cd’s. for their own use. Those who are selling them are doing it blatently. Like here at the local “Junk Fair” - and they duely got busted too. As they should have.

The high-prices on software and music just increases illegal snatching off the internet. Personally, I would rather buy mine because often this stuff is loaded with viruses so I understand.
But a sin? I think you would have to be extremely guilt-ridden to even worry about it under the circumstances you mention.

Well the only reason it concerns me, is because technically it is illegal, due to the fact that with regards to the sports, we are not supposed to recreate or rebroadcast a game without the express written consent of the league.

This is a great question, because it shows that there are a lot of ins and outs to this copyright issue. I take a very strict stance on DVD, CD’s, and software, and while I agree that this is better than most illegal downloading, it doesn’t seem to be completely right, either.

As you said, you can’t go to a store and buy these, as is the case with other downloads(disc media). Also, the user agreement you’re entering into asks you not to re-broadcast them - so as long as you’re not sending them over the airwaves, you wouldn’t be broadcasting them. An interesting question is, did the person who uploaded these programs violate the “no broadcast” agreement? After all, he/she is distributing these recordings, is your downloading(creating a demand) of the recordings giving this person cause to sin(are you contributing)?

Also, are you downloading things you can’t see with your current programming package? If, for example, you’re recording soccer games that premium channels carry, but you could watch them if you were willing to pay the extra money for those channels, then I think it would be sinful. I know I’ve seen classic sports channels offered from cable and satellite providers, should you be paying for these instead of downloading? I mean, they sell them for a reason, right?

While I think downloading sports broadcasts is less objectionable than specific media that can be purchased in a store, I don’t think it’s completely right, either.

You raise a good point there, the NBA as well as other sports games are often shown on ESPN Classic at times, though not in full though (always something missing from it). Then you got NBA TV which can air some older games as well. The only thing is, some of the games I download I know won’t be shown again (like preseason games for example).

I think I’m gonna delete all the sports and stuff on my PC, I downloaded via torrents. I hate to do that, but whether I agree with it or not, it’s still illegal to do, regardless of the game or show.

This sports stuff and all that isn’t worth keeping if I’m gonna risk my place in Heaven over it.

Well, all the stuff I got on my PC, sports and game shows, that I got from someone else illegally in any way, is gone. I deleted it all and will soon be doing the same with my CD’s too.

Wow, you’re a really great person for doing all that without even knowing for sure if it’s a sin! :thumbsup:

I used to download music, movies, and software(which is way worse than what you’re talking about) until I found myself not buying those things anymore and I had to re-think the whole thing! :blush:

I had a hard time letting go of my clearly illegal downloads, but yours were a lot less objectionable and you deleted them right away! This is a real testament to your faith that you’re willing to do away with all that at the risk of committing a sin, and I really admire your conviction! :slight_smile:

Wasn’t as easy as it seemed. I went back and forth on it a bit, and finally decided the stuff had to go. Let’s face facts all these things I had downloaded, I had done so illegally. None of the stuff was from my own recordings, but from that of another. So I was assisting in their breaking copyright laws by downloading the shows and games.

From now on, if I’m gonna start a collection, I’ll do it right. I’ll either buy the games on DVD’s (there are sets) or in the case of online, or record what I want at home myself. That way it’s all legal and no guilt.

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