Downsizing and telling the teenagers their foosball is gone


Hi all. I suffer from anxiety and with the new move coming up I’ve been extra stressed I actually feel chest pains. Well it turns out that I’m running out of time with finding a place like the one we have now which is detached and has a basement with the kids foosball, treadmill and weight machine that my son uses.

The only places available in our price range is apartments and we have to sell their things that are in their “game room”.

Has anyone ever dealt with downsizing and having to disappoint their children by getting a home half the size they’ve been used to all their life.

They’ll be fine I know and it may even benefit them in someway but it’s tough having to get rid of their game room and every single thing in it.

My husband is less concerned and basically said “big deal, he can join a gym” and they’ll survive without the foosball. Meanwhile all I can think of is their squeals of laughter in their basement game room with their friends. No backyard either.

Curious if anyone had a similar scenario. Thanks for listening, I know it’s not a huge deal but any encouragement appreciated.



I’ve never dealt with this before, but it might help to let them decide what to spend the money on that they get from the games. Or possibly promise them to join a community center. Can you find an apartment with a pool? That might help ease the sting!


Thanks Allegra!! I’m just going to have to accept this and try to be positive when I tell them. They’ll hear that we have each other, our health, a roof over our heads, food in the fridge and that we are still blessed. I’ll also tell them it may be temporary for a year. It’ll be tough but truth be told this stress is killing me over how I’m failing them, I just have to be content that I’m doing the best I can, I don’t make 6 figures and what’s available isn’t ideal but it’s gonna be “home”.
Now let’s hope I feel the same way in the morning!


If the foosball table is that important, could it double as your dining table (a piece of plywood on top)? I’ve heard when downsizing, it’s important that items have more than one use.


That’s a great idea! especially since i painted my dining table top 3 times already in the past year and a half… I really like that idea, thank you.


That could work, especially if you add a table cloth. A few cheap ones, switch and wash.


I pray for your family. I have been the poor teen and there are many things I wish I would have done differently towards my parents. But is really hard to control your emotions as a teen.


Offer to give the table to one of the family friends, with the understanding that when you are able to find a place with space, if the kids want it they can bring it back.

Foosball tables are not giant (like a pool table or ping pong table), perhaps one of the boys wants it in his bedroom?


This is a good idea, as is the suggestion to make it a table at meal times.

Would your children be open to sharing a room (if they won’t otherwise have to) in order to keep some of this stuff in one of the bedrooms?


Plus, think of how easy and fun it will be for the family to pass food using the flippers.


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