Downton Abbey

Any fans here?

Yes – and pretty devastated to read that Maggie Smith has (reportedly) asked to be written out of the show by the end of Season 3. Trading Maggie for Shirley MacLaine isn’t a happy thought.

Big fan here. I’ll miss the Dowager Countess if she’s written out of the series, but one of the great things about the show is that there are many compelling characters.

Huge fan here. I even got DH hooked on it. We’re waiting for the second season to come on Netflix because he hasn’t seen it yet.

Love the Dowager Countess. If the rumors are true she will be sorely missed for her one-liners.

Anyone see the SNL skit about Downton Abbey on Spike TV?

Wow! Hadn’t heard that about Maggie Smith; that will be a bummer for the show. It’s such a long wait between seasons I think I’m going to go nuts. Not 'til January, right?
Do you know that Netflix will get the second season, now that it’s such a huge hit? Or bought the second season on Amazon Instant Video; I couldn’t have waited any longer!

I am a fan. It is a very beautiful soap opera! I have a question for fans. Is there anything to like about Mary? I watched backwards. I saw season 2 before I got Season 1. But I don’t see anything to like about her.

Also Somewhere on youtube is “Downton Arbies”. It is a funny satire
I will try to find it and post a link

IMHO, Mary has been written as a kinder and more sensitive character as the series has progressed.

Oh, yes! Suffering:banghead: from Downton Abbey Withdrawl :crying:just now. I guess I’ll have to rent the first two seasons:compcoff: and watch them over from the beginning! :extrahappy: I’m trying to make up for it by watching old Upstairs/Downstairs videos from the local library. :popcorn::popcorn:
Kathryn Ann:heaven::harp:
Downton Arby’s

my mom got me hooked. can’t wait for new season.

I love love LOVE Downton Abbey! Am rewatching Season 2 right now, as a matter of fact. Can’t believe we in the US have to wait til 2013 for Season 3. :eek:

By the way, I read somewhere that there’s no truth to the rumour Maggie Smith asked to be written out of the series. That doesn’t mean she won’t be, of course, just that she apparently didn’t ask to be.


Remember, in England it wound up on Xmas and won’t show again until the fall; so they have the same length of gap we do.


I am CRAZY about this show! In the next few months, I think I’m going to re-watch the whole thing over again. I haven’t seen acting that great in a long time. I hope Maggie Smith will be around more. She’s hands-down one of the best characters.

What other characters do you all like? My favorites are Matthew and Sybil. I’m not a big Mary fan at all.

The question as to whether there is anything to like about Mary is a valid one. But I would say Yes. Both Mary and Sybil are women who are not satisfied with the status quo of their day. Mary is not satisfied with the idea of the arranged marriage. She wants the right to choose her own husband. She has done so, and in the process has found that she has “cut her nose off to spite her face” and there is little she can do about it. Sybil, her youngest sister, on the other hand, sees a brave new world emerging and is embracing it with all she’s got. Neither character is typical of the early 20th century female aristocrat, but we know that women such as these forged great change in the world of their day. I, too, hope Maggie Smith is not written out of the script. Shirley McLain would be a sorry substitute. I couldn’t wait for Season Two to hit Netflix. I bought it from iTunes.

Shirley McClaine isn’t replacing Maggie Smith. But she is joining the cast, she’s going to play Lady Grantham, the mother of Elizabeth McGovern’s charater.

Actually, Elizabeth McGovern is Lady Grantham; Shirley MacLaine will play her mother, Martha Levinson.

Yes you are correct, it was the article I was reading that had the characters mixed up.

Oh wow… so apart from the Dowager Countess, the women of Downton are Jewish! That certainly is an interesting twist. :popcorn:

Maggie Smith is perfect


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