Doxology at the end of Our Father


I was given a prayer book for our family. It has the doxolgy as part of the Our Father. That isn’t okay outside of the Mass, right? I feel like this little booklet is sneakily non-Catholic. Is there someplace I can point to that says this isn’t allowed?

I’m really trying to keep my eyes open for this kind stuff so I don’t get fooled.



Hmm. Well, actually it’s tricky. I believe that the Didache and very early prayers of the Mass (IN the Mass) included the “For the kingdom. . .” etc.

HOWEVER, anytime a Catholic prays the “Our Father”–as a stand alone, in a rosary, part of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, etc., the doxology is not included. Calling this prayer WITH doxology tacked on, “The Lord’s Prayer” is, if not ANTI Catholic, at the least certainly not PRO Catholic.

If you were given this booklet by someone, and you’ve looked it over, found this discrepancy, well. . .once somebody has given you a gift, it is yours to do with as you will.

Myself, I would do one of two things: Either burn the booklet (hey, it’s more thoughtful than putting it in the trash), or give it to someone Protestant who would appreciate it.


Some of our NZ Bishops decided to change the traditional way of saying the Our Father. Now everyone uses the new version outside of the Mass as well (eg when saying the roasry). I am hoping we get back to the original translation when the ICEL have finished their work.


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