Doxology in the LOH

Let’s just be glad that some of the funky, historical translations never made it into currency.

The OECD cites the earliest (888) English translation of in saecula saeclorum as ‘Þa nu sculon standan to worulde’, roughly ‘when the world will not stand’.


The Munderlein Psalter is designed for chanting. The psalms are annotated, and there is a short section describing the tunes for the end of each line of chant.

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I’d forgotten about it, in spite of the fact that I have a copy. I’ve never used though as I chant mostly in Latin, and occasionally French.

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I actually like to use that Psalter and am hoping they revise it with the new translation. I wish we would use it when praying in choir, but many of my bretheren don’t like to chant or sing so…

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