Dozens of moms formed a human shield to protect protesters from officers

Trump uses homeland security agency to fight his political battle against Democratic cities

So the moms who raised these bratty kids are still making sure they can do whatever they want without any consequences at all.


This is all spin as far as I’m concerned, NY Times is saying similar.

It’s hard to argue that the protesters are not responsible for death besides destruction and the like.


Protect protestors??? They were throwing FROZEN water bottles and aiming lit fireworks at the officers. Also they popped up umbrellas & used them as weapons. They are the ones breaking FEDERAL laws and that’s why President Trump has sent in Federal agents to help clear this all out of there. Those protestors are anarchists and are NOT peacefully protesting.


Although they formed as a group of moms to protect human rights I can only wonder if they’re that oblivious to what these rioters have done, not just in Portland but elsewhere?


Are these rioters, or peaceful protestors?

The distinction seems to be ignored by those who don’t like the message of the protests.

In this story, there is a video of a Navy veteran being attacked by a federal officer. I can’t imagine what he could have said to justify that response (he clearly posed no threat to the officer, and wasn’t arrested).

This is a good example of a police riot. There is significant historical precedent for police riots to be used against peaceful protestors under the guise of them being rioters.


Here’s a lovely example of a police riot famous in British history. It’s also famous for causing a massive scandal when it emerged that the footage had been edited in the version shown on TV to make it look like the miner’s attacked first when in fact the police charge first

Like Mary Ann Trump?

Real police do not travel in cognito into a jurisdiction that is not theirs to arrest people and throw them into unmarked vans.

Or is there a Mexico-Oregon border I am unaware of?

This whole incident is way too brown-shirt for me. I am surprised Republicans, who normal are more supportive of state’s rights, have spoken up about such an incredible use of federal forces on American soil. I am also surprised there hasn’t been armed conflict, what with the lack of proper identification, this looking more as much like a criminal attack as some police action.


Welcome to the world I saw on TV in my own home country in the north when Britain decided to do a wave of arrests or internments over there. Well, sometimes you saw it on the TV, more often you heard about it from family members back home or in print media from Ireland.


The more people you have to denigrate to make your point, the weaker your point becomes. Here we see the only way to make this point is to denigrate dozens of moms. What next? Apple pie turns out to be poison?


Trumps has declared he will be deploying his troops to attack in cities where Democrats are in charge, with the election three months off. So this may not be the only suppression by federal forces of states unfriendly to his campaign.

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You’ve never seen an unmarked police car?


Only investigators, undercover agents, and administrators. Even, then, the officers have to display badges and ID to serve warrants, make arrests, etc.

Do you not believe in the right to stand your ground any longer? It is obvious that Republicans have abandoned the concept of state’s rights, at least for Democrats.

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There is a distinction. Peaceful protestors don’t vandalize, don’t burn buildings, don’t hurtle objects, don’t destroy. . . etc.

I think that’s what separates rioters from peaceful protestors for civilians trying to be objective.

I’m sure there are both in the case of Portland, but the ensuing riots/protests have been going on for 50 plus days, and the evidence seems to be piling up that a great many are not peaceful protestors.


What is this evidence?

I hear a lot of people who SAY that the protestors are violent and committing crimes, but is there any evidence of that?

More to the point, is there any evidence that THESE protestors committed crimes? Specifically, FEDERAL crimes?

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There’s videos galore showing protestors destroying federal buildings, setting the police precinct on fire . . . etc.


From the CNN article. A little reading could save you some time.

Saturday night, protesters started dismantling the fence around the courthouse, Barnum said.

“The Feds came out of the building, they walked slowly, assembled themselves and started shooting (tear gas),” she said. “I couldn’t believe it was happening. Traumatic doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

“We blocked the fence in hopes that the kids wouldn’t take it down and the feds would stay in their building,” she said.

The peaceful night took a turn for the worse when the fence was toppled and police used [teargas to disperse the protesters.]

Does that sound like peaceful protestors?

I don’t know anything about Mary Ann Trump. No, I’m talking about all the moms who raised these kids with permissive rules, allowing them to do as they like, speak as they like, have zero boundaries, and defend every negative behavior their kids commits. We have a whole generation of these kids, their the ones out there doing all this stupid stuff and have no idea really of why they’re doing it. You’re in law enforcement, you know what I’m talking about.

Of these protestors?

Also, setting a police precinct on fire - while a crime and lousy thing to do - isn’t a federal crime.

Why should I object to Federal force being used against neo-Marxist rioters? They would destroy everything I hold dear in the name of their brave new world. For years, “conservatives” have taken a “principled stand” when it came to exercising power and they could not even conserve the ladies’ room. A new approach is needed.


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