Dozing off during prayer a sign of peace or disrespect? Any thoughts

Many times during personal prayer I find myself falling in to a peaceful sleep or moments rest.

I wouldn’t mind there being an official nap time in Mass.


If by personal prayer you mean at home when you pray there is nothing wrong with that. Praying brings you peace.


I think it is maybe because there is, yes, a peaceful feeling of being with the Lord and/or the Blessed Mother.

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Is this at Mass or at home?

Not during a mass.

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Ok then at home sure it’s ok. What’s important is that you are praying.

One of my favorite things is falling asleep while praying the rosary, that and playing a sound track with rain, thunder, and the sound of a crackling fire burning in the fireplace.

I also love following along in real time while somebody else is leading a rosary group at night; it’s a great way to end the day. :slight_smile:

Once the leader of such a prayer group asked where everybody was from before she began her rosary. It turned out that the group of a hundred or so was from all over the earth. When she asked for comments in the chat, one guy even piped up that he was on a British Expeditionary ship in the Antarctic. That was in November or December about a year or so ago. It was around Advent or Christmas. That was quite a good night, very comforting, very relaxing, very enjoyable. :slight_smile:


You know what it’s a sign of? It’s a sign of being human.


St. Therese the Little Flower says in her writing that she fell asleep during her prayers sometimes.


Its a sign that you started your prayer time sleepy.

happens to me all the time,

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Sounds like a sign of being human to be honest. If you would like to be attentive during prayer then take a nap before you pray. There’s nothing wrong about falling asleep during prayer.

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Happens to my kids all the time during bedtime prayers :slight_smile:

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I remember one time during adoration I drifted in and out of sleep and staying conscious. It didn’t help I literally just got off of third shift and stopped by to adore the real presence of Our Lord before I went home.

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God created sleep and knows that our bodies need it to function. A very vise old priest even told me to pray while laying down as he saw that I was very stressed and my body needed to relax. He even said that it didn’t matter if I fell asleep as that is what my body needed at that time. “Just thank God for giving you a good rest at the end of your prayer if you fall asleep. You are letting Him take care of you while you sleep.”


With your question in mind I noticed today that I yawn throughout the Mass. Two days a week I arrive at work by 3:30am. Mass at noon means my busy work day is done and I’m exhausted. I’ve never fallen asleep but the calm and relaxed atmosphere of Mass is certainly enticing toward that. :slight_smile:

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