Dr Ben Carson joins FOX news

Dr Ben Carson joins FOX news.

The neurosurgeon stood a few feet away from President Obama and criticized Obamacare. Soon afterwards he was audited by the IRS… The audit included several years of records. Do you suspect the IRS and the White House exchanged confidential information re: this good man?


Wonderful. One of my favorite figures and my favorite news station! I admired Dr Carson YEARS before he was at the prayer breakfast. I saw him interviewed about his first book and immediately bought it. I was SO impressed with what he and his brother overcame, thanks to the devotion of their mother and to their faith. In an era where so many want a hand out instead of a hand up, Dr Carson is a role model that young people can follow. Although so accomplished he is softspoken and humble. I hope he runs for President!


No. The White House and IRS did not exchange personal information about Mr. Carson. That would be illegal. Plus they have about twenty billion more important things going on. I’m sorry but Mr. Carson is not as important as Syria, the wars we are currently in, the state of the economy, veteran’s benefits, etc.

I like Dr. Carson. I think he will be a good addition to Fox News.

Well, apparently there was somebody the WH cared enough about that it exchanged confidential IRS information illegally. Maybe not Carson. But somebody that was more important than the “twenty billion more important things going on.”

What an odd response…and what is the price of tea in China? As to your first sentence you have zero evidence whether or not this information was shared. As we are now learning the IRS DID share personal taxpayer information with certain high level White House staff.

Although not on point with respect to the OP, I don’t think the audit of Dr Carson was a coincidence. It wouldn’t have taken a direct order from the Prez. Any of his staff having seen him totally humiliated and looking like a jacka** during Dr Carson’s speech might well have decided to engage in a vengeful act. We have plenty of evidence that an “enemies list” resulted from those known to oppose Obama and people were audited, harassed, had visits to their home by uniformed and gun carrying officers.

At any rate back to the thread, I’m delighted Dr Carson will be contributing to Fox. He has a wide range of expertise on a number of important subjects.


Top Internal Revenue Service Obamacare official Sarah Hall Ingram discussed confidential taxpayer information with senior Obama White House officials, according to 2012 emails obtained by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and provided to The Daily Caller.
Lois Lerner, then head of the IRS Tax Exempt Organizations division, also received an email alongside White House officials that contained confidential information.

Read more: dailycaller.com/2013/10/09/white-house-irs-exchanged-confidential-taxpayer-info/#ixzz2hGkuCr3b

I was looking for some indication that your tongue was in your cheek when you said this; if I missed it, I’m sorry. But . . .

Since when has illegality been a bar to any action the current resident of the WH wanted to take? Or the IRS, as far as that goes?

I was pretty sure that everyone had forgotten about Syria.

Maybe Dems are hoping for the good old days when Putin was playing Obama as a naive fool, instead of what’s coming down the pipes on the domestic front these days.:slight_smile:

Yep I’m afraid Obama has sufficiently degraded our nation’s standing in the world that poor John Kerry was in the far corner in the back of the group at the recent Asian meeting he attended in Obama’s place. Honestly Obama is such a buffoon he’s making Kerry look like a statesman.


I feel like we are in a downward spiral very fast, I am scared.

And you can back up this claim how?

Dr Carson’s op ed piece in the Washington Times:


Brilliant as usual. Calmly and rationally explaining the complete lack of logic, reason, or goodwill in the government’s attempt to punish the American people for not following along like sheep as Obama and his regime demand that we do “what’s good for us” in their elite opinions. In all fairness he notes that this has been gradually taking over America long before Obama came into office. But now it’s becoming more and more evident.

As he noted the only reason that stonewalling, Barry-cading monuments, and snarky name calling are the characteristics of their recent actions is that they cannot defend their position with civil discourse.


Well, Harry Reid claimed someone in the IRS gave him confidential information about Mitt Romney’s tax returns for 10 years.

On the Senate floor.

You are so right. I wish they would focus on those rather the petty spying and selective government shutdowns.

Also recall during the campaign a supporter of Romney was attacked on all fronts…IRS, ATF, DoL etc. He was totally cleared of all charges but spent literally hundreds of thousands defending himself.

I think we need to understand that this regime has become tyrannical with their persecution of religious faith, their attacks on the freedoms we cherish, the dismissing of the Constitution and the rights from our Creator, not from Obama and the Left but from our Creator. They do not understand what this country was founded upon and as these freedoms have been chipped away we are like frogs in the boiling pot.

I pray every day for our country and for the emergence of a human leader who follows the teachings of Christ rather than the temptations and glamour of Satan.


Amen to that.

We should pray for the voters to make wise and informed votes as well.

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