Dr. Carol Swain: BLM Marxist, Does Not Care About Blacks

With four advanced degrees including from Yale and Chapel Hill NC, as a former Vanderbilt professor of law, Swain is well versed in critical race theory. A theory, Swain says, mis-frames the conversation about race in America resulting in the absolute absence of actual discourse.

“It’s very clear to me that the Black Lives Matter organization is about something much bigger than black people, that it really is pushing a socialist Marxist agenda.

“White people are so confused in America. I hate to say it like that, but I don’t know any other way to say it. They want to signal to black people that they care, and the only way they feel like they can do that is agree with the slogan; which is a true statement that black lives matter in the same way that all lives matter, white lives matter, brown lives matter. But they can’t separate the slogan…from an organization that has a goal that I believe that is ultimately destructive to America…

“And there’s something very wrong when they argue that racism is permanent. If it’s permanent then there’s nothing you can do about it.”


Sy Fi channel started an ad with BLM think many people are buying into BLM not knowing about it’s roots in Marxism.

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The crazy thing is that it is reported that Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels had racist beliefs.

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Yes, BLM does not seem to be an appealing organization. People need to find out about them. I even visited a news website that seems geared towards African Americans, One News Now, https://onenewsnow.com/ , they don’t seem to care for them.

To be fair, One News Now may have some funding from people like I believe they are called the American Family Association, AFA but still.

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Don’t think SY FY really cares about the Marxism aspect of it.

Have you actually read about Marxism outside of anti-Marxism sources?

I did today for the first time. It is quite complicated in all it’s current facets but quite interesting.

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