Dr David Hawkins


Please I need help in this. I have scanned the internet for a catholic critique on this cult leader, He has written many books that are basically soaked in ‘Course in Miracles’ and is certainly New Age. Of all the cult leaders I have read, this one is the most dangerous (my opinion).

Also, they are offering a course at our local carmelite center. I have sent a letter to the center and also to the bishop.

Does anyone know a good catholic or christian source of material on this guy. His writings are off the wall but I would not be considered an authority to give anything of substance to the bishop.


Wish I could help, but I have never heard of him. A good person who probably could help you would be Fr. Mitch Pacwa, he knows alot about the new age movement, I just don’t know how you could go about getting in touch with him. God Bless and pray the Precious Blood of Jesus on those who are going to hear him that they not be let astray.


I took a look at Catholic Culture.org…but nothing came up…

maybe Our Ladys Warriors would have something…I’ll take a look


Thanks CC and aimee…I was up at 4AM doing research and nothing yet. Although reading his stuff would make anyone’s head turn, this just may not be enough. I do believe this guy is dangerous. I just can’t believe there is no info out there about it…:frowning:

I have written to the St michel’s Center…he has not responded yet.


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