Dr. Drew urges Pete Davidson to stay away from ex-fiancée Ariana Grande: ‘Pete has special issues’


I am not sure who is more annoying - Pete
Davidson or Dr. Drew?!


I have no idea who any of these people are…

You’re not missing anything.


I heard of Ariana Grande.
First she was a child star on Nickelodeon.
Then she licked a donut in public.


The bombed concert was so sad. All Ariana-themed jokes aside. People should just be able to enjoy a night out without fear :confused:

But yes, these young artists all just try to out-edgy each other.

Makes you wonder just what’s going on over at Nick and Disney…

Pete Davidson was about 5 or 6 when his NY fire fighter father died on 9/11. Since then he’s struggled with mental health issues. He also suffers from Chrohn’s disease.


I guess every human life is deserving of dignity and respect… unless they are celebrities?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Pete Davidson’s father was killed in the 9/11 attack. He has borderline personality disorder and frequently struggles. Lately he has been crying out for help. He may be suicidal.

Ariana Grande also has struggles of her own. She is struggling with the sudden death of someone close to her, and she has still not recovered from the bombing of her concert.

These two human beings are in crisis and they have the misfortune of having to deal with those crises while in the public eye. They are in need of our prayers.


It’s just marketing by Nick and Disney. They develop some personality who can appeal to a group of kids who first see the person on children’s shows, then graduate to buying their records and following them as fans throughout their teen and early 20s years. As they age out, Disney and Nick just manufacture a new batch to take their place.

About the time these manufactured pop stars turn 18 they all decide to change their image to “more adult”. I think Miley Cyrus pretty much pegged the meter by appearing nearly naked most of the time, declaring herself pansexual and talking about how awesome drugs are.

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Ariana actually has a nice singing voice. My husband has an Andrea Bocelli cd, and she has a duet with him.


Thank you for pointing that out. He is truly in crisis. He deserved compassion not ridicule.


With all due respect, I see maybe one “disrespectful” post in this entire thread.

I recognize that celebrities are real people with real problems, but that doesn’t make me a fan of their work, so the fact that I may not be a huge fan of someone’s music or comedy act does not have to go unexpressed simply because they have also had some hard times, any more than I have to avoid criticizing a politician because he had a bad childhood or an illness.

A very high percentage of celebrities, especially comedians, have had tragic or dysfunctional personal lives.
Everyone, celebrity or not, is in need of prayers.

Edited to add, if the comments about deserving respect referred to him not deserving to be trolled online about his mental health, as opposed to this thread, then I agree with that. No one who is suicidal should be trolled online. Unfortunately, the Internet is a jungle. Both celebs and non-celebs receive hurtful comments. I would hope anyone who is mentally fragile would just turn off their social media and step away until they are feeling much better.

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The personal struggles Ariana Grande must face due to the bombing and loss of life and injuries of her fans is an immense lifelong Cross for that young lady to bear.
Peter Davidson, losing his father in such tragic and public circumstances , as a first responder , is horrifically crippling at such a young age. To be trolled online, as stated in the article, demonstrates the extent social media contributes to such negative self image.

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Honestly… I getquite uncomfortable whenever public figures’ personal lives get discussed through articles like this.

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He thinks nothing of ridiculing others - even
veterans. They are both wealthy celebrities.
What she saw in him in the first place puzzled me. She is beautiful and talented.
He is not even funny.

That’s hardly a justification for ridiculing him especially from a Christian golden rule perspective…

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Well, one would hope it would be a priority for us regardless of whether or not we think Pete deserves our charity.

Well, I guess then the Golden Rule should apply to our opinions of politicians as well
as celebrities, wouldn’t you agree?


Problem is the World News board is not full of valid criticism, or people being even handed with commentary. We emphasize the bad things about someone we dislike, and when positive things occur, we are absent if we don;t like the person. Look at any topic that had ostensibly good news about the economy or international affairs with regards to Obama or Trump. People posting know in their hearts what their feelings about a politician are, even if they do not admit it publicly. I of course, would not know that.

The golden rule applies to everyone, regardless of personal trauma or seemingly privileged existence. I need to remind myself of that many time, admittedly.

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