Dr gianna's assistants for life (dgal)

dr gianna’s assistants for life is a private lay association of the faithful without the intention of becoming an institute of religious life. one of the goals, however, is to establish a pro-life community of women dedicated to the holy innocents and st gianna molla.



dgal also has a contemplative branch, the contemplatives of life, which, at this time, is comprised of lay persons. members of the contemplatives of life are required to belong to dgal for the sake of knowing what to pray for.


the seed vocation for the holy innocents is located in the diocese of knoxville. her chancery knows of her intentions.

if there are any questions, one may tm me, or email me at conewfoundations@lycos.com


ps sorry for all lowercase–using phone.

happy feast of the holy innocents!




In addition to the aforementioned apostolates, DGAL now has end-of-life issues, and the TomDoms. Both DGAL divisions will lead to the establishment of the Dominican Sisters of St. Lazarus Raised and the Dominican Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas. Or, if the aspirants prefer, they may remain Holy Innocents Dominicans, and work in those fields.

DGAL End-of-Life Issues: cloisters.tripod.com/cfc/

DGAL TomDoms: cloisters.tripod.com/tomdoms/

Anyone interested in either apostolate will be required to join DGAL first:


Planned Parenthood now has an on-campus initiative called Vox of Planned Parenthood. For those Latinists in the audience, they know that “vox” is Latin for ‘voice.’ We need vocations to the TomDoms to counteract this ‘voice of death.’

If any questions, please email us at conewfoundations@lycos.com


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