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A while back there was a thread accusing Dr. Scott Hahn of calling traditionalists “servile.” The thread was removed, but I received an email response from a staffmember of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology.

I hope this answers some of your questions and concerns. It appears that the clip was out of context. I’m sure some of you may still doubt the response and/or have other issues with Dr. Hahn. Please refrain from making personal comments or accusations against Dr. Hahn, as that would violate forum rules.



Dear Robert,

I am [staff member of St. Paul Center], a research assistant to Dr. Hahn. Due to the large number of emails he receives he has asked me to respond to some of them.

Thank you for your question! Regarding traditionalists and the edited YouTube clip, Dr. [size=2]Hahn is actually trying to convince charismatics that, if they have really experienced the power of the Holy Spirit, they should focus more of their energy and attention on appropriating contemplation, liturgy, chant, prayer, and fasting. He is saying that these things are fundamental for all Catholics, not just those who want to call themselves traditionalists. He insists that these essential elements of a Catholic spiritual life retain all of their value despite some[/size] people who resort to them in a servile rather than a filial way, as though we were merely God’s servants and not also His children. I myself have met apparently loveless traditionalists whose appreciation of and participation in the rich treasures of our devotional patrimony looks a lot like “going through the motions.” Now imagine what charismatics (who typically face the opposite problem of being hooked on the feelings of enthusiastic religious experience) would first think when he tells them to turn their attention to liturgy, chant, contemplation, etc. He was anticipating their objection and answering it. I hope you find this helpful, may God richly bless you and yours!

[FONT=Arial][size=2]St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology[/size]

Very reasonable, commendable and orthodox. Can anybody really argue with it?

I myself have met apparently loveless traditionalists whose appreciation of and participation in the rich treasures of our devotional patrimony looks a lot like “going through the motions.”

for us sinners who pray the rosary everyday, inevitably it becomes routine. eucharistic adoration and even mass can be that way too. this is how we grow in faith. God takes away our good feelings and leads us to a deeper appreciation for him because faith is not based on feelings.

is he trying to say that this is only a traditionalist problem? this is everyone’s problem. it’s called being human.

when in doubt, i’ll take the side of tradition and the democracy of the dead. liturgical novelties, such as those common to stubenville and the charismatic movement, are generally ephemeral.

I think the key words are “looks like.” IOW, the author of the letter isn’t accusing people of “going through the motions.” Rather he is saying that it sometimes appears that way.

I would agree with you that it is a human condition. I think any practitioner of any religious ceremony can appear to be “going through the motions.”

He is saying that Traditionalism has some dangers which are opposite to those of the Charismatic movement. It is obviously true. You don’t get a halo snapped on the moment you attend a TLM.

The mistake is to think that the answer must lie in “balance”. It doesn’t. Balance will suppress some of the symptoms of inadequate spirituality, but it is no substitute for conversion of life.

I agree with what Scott Hahn said and also what many posts have said that it can apply to anyone. We should do things out of perfect love for God inflamed in us by the Holy Spirit. Doing things out of servile fear is not bad per se, as it is often the first step away from being a slave to sin, but remaining in that state instead of being transformed by the Spirit could be very spiritually harmful.

Well the two most charismatic hymns are Veni Creator Spiritus and Veni Sancte Spiritus :stuck_out_tongue:

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