Dr. Hahns Covenant


I was listening to one of Dr. Scott Hahns C.D. about his conversion and he was talking about his idea. It sounded really interesting. Does anyone know where I can find some books on it (by Dr. Hahn or others)? He mentioned on the tape a Dr. Sheppard (Sp?) who had written some stuff on it too, does any one know his full name (and proper spelling) so I can go look up some of his stuff too? Thanks and God bless.


One of his best books on Covenantly Theology is “A Father Who Keeps His Promises.” Excellant book - I’d recommend it to anyone. Hope that is what you are looking for.


He has a really good book on the convenants called "A Father Who Keeps His Promises." I definitely recomend reading it.

You can also go and read his free Bible study which gets into this some. The book has more details though.


Well, I will take a look at the book and see if it is. Thank you for giving me a nice starting point. I have read some of his books and he is quite a fun read. If you or anyone else know of any other books on this I would love to read as much as possible.


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