Dr. Hassan Hathout, Islamic Leader in America, Dies at 84

Dr. Hassan Hathout dies at 84; Islamic leader fostered interfaith relations

‘"He was also a leader of the Islamic Center of Southern California, where he coordinated outreach efforts for two decades. A well-regarded scholar, he wrote several books, including Reading the Muslim Mind. “He was one of our giants in the history of Islam in America,” who urged Muslims to be “organically integrated in American society and not act as visitors” in it, Salam al Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, said Sunday.’

From Allah we come and to Allah we return.

Hypatia he sounds like he was a wonderful man, I’ll pray for him.

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious, Most Merciful



Dr. Hathout is remembered for many valuable contributions in serving Muslims in the US and the world

…he was the co-founder of the Interfaith Council of Southern California

Dr. Hathout was the keynote speaker at the first Christian-Muslim celebration at the White House in 1999.

…"He was one of the first Muslims to positively respond to the tragic events of 9/11 and to show the community the path forward.

“May Allah bless his soul and shower him with his great mercy.”


Certainly he knows by now who Jesus really is and who Muhammed was.

May YHWH show him His love & mercy, and forgive him of all bad deeds he did in his earthy life.

I’ll bet he got a big surprise when he died.

I pray it was a pleasant one.

When Mother Teresa returned to Our Lord, i read comments in some Muslim forums saying (paraphrasing) “May Allah have mercy on her soul” or “…despite her good works, she may be in hell-fire for not believing in the One True God.” It hurt me alot reading such insensitive comments but i knew because they did not know any better. Give credit where credit is due, even if we disagree on our beliefs. I have not heard of Dr. Hassan Hathout’s works, but if Hypatia’s article says he was a learned humble man who contributed to society, then may Our Lord embrace him and keep him.:thumbsup:

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