Dr. Hilgers on EWTN


I’ll post this here since Dr .Hilgers and NFP are discussed here. If you have an opportunity to catch one of the encores of tonight’s The World Over, I encourage you to do so. Dr. Hilgers is a guest. He is a gifted speaker (I could listen to him read the phone book or newspaper :slight_smile: ).



I caught it on internet radio. So glad he’s getting more exposure! I am one of his success stories, we are due in 2 wks or so with a baby that took 10 years of trying to get. It wasn’t until we found NaPro that anyone figured out what was wrong with me and actually tried to fix it, instead of just covering up the symptoms. I’ll be ever grateful to him for his work! :smiley:


I watched it last night as well! As always he was great. We are a success story as well. After 4 miscarriages and given the diagnosis of “bad luck” by doctors, we found Dr. Hilgers and have had 3 healthy pregnancies since! :smiley: I now teach Creighton and have many success stories from my clients. It was a great program to watch, lots of information.


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