Dr. Kenneth Samples


Anyone familiar with the theology of Protestant apologist Dr. Kenneth Samples. A Reformed Baptist friend of mine, with whom I get into theological debates once in a while, sent an article by Dr. Samples. My friend appears to be shopping around for a “Sola Hanergraaf” like reformed church, from our conversations. I was wondering if anyone out there knows what Dr. Samples is about. His website pretty much just had tapes for sales and I was not about to part with good money on a fact finding mission. I found curious that they offered an apologetics tapes against Baptist in areas of infant Baptism and the real presence (likely just spiritual) in the Eucharist. Hopefully someone in this forum can give a little more background on Dr. Samples.

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I know about as much as you do: that he is a reformed theologian. He has recently written a book which might be worth a look, if just to give you an insight into his theology: Without a Doubt: Answering the 20 Toughest Faith Questions


I know that Dr. Samples wrote a piece for the Christian Research Institute awhile back on Roman Catholicism. I believe it was called “What ye think of Rome?” There were multiple parts to it and I believe Samples wrote the first one or two. He attempted to make the case that Catholicism was Christian despite the disagreements that we (evangelicals) have with Rome. He also highlighted the fundamental differences such as justification, purgatory, indulgences, Maryology, etc…

Samples works primarily with Hugh Ross’ apologetics organization “Reasons to Believe”. It is a creationist apologetics organization from an old-earth perspective. I personally like him and consider him to be fair and charitable.


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