Dr. Michael Heiser and the Catholic Church

Hey guys,

I’ve enjoyed his talks, such as “What Really Happened At Nicaea?” where he tackled the Da Vinci Code myths head-on.

I’m curious to know in what light he views the Church - I can’t seem to find much on that particularly.

I think I recall seeing him quoted in a FB post on my feed some time ago about the importance of studying and understanding the Scriptures in their Ancient Near Eastern cultural milieu; and I think I remember seeing something like, “Not through any other lenses, be they Methodist, Reformed, Catholic . . . [and so on]” Otherwise, you’ll never get the fullness of the message intended, kind of thing. So, the implication is that the “Catholic” set of classes would give you a skewed picture; thus, it can’t be the truth.

That was a while ago, and I might be a little off. Midnight shift fog happening.

Anyone out there know?



Hey, Ya I really enjoyed that series he did…He also gave me a new perspective on how the Jews might have view the Claims of Christ, in regards to the “two powers in heaven” . He is in a video refuting the show “ancient aliens” on youtube, also really good. Jimmy Aiken did a review of one of his earlier books and it was a positive review. As far as his views towards Catholics, I got the impression that he is not at all anti catholic, on the contrary.

The thing is…the RCC can actually trace its roots to first century Israel. The others cannot do so. They are traceable to 16th century Germany or later - well after the council of Nicea.

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