Dr. Ray Guarendi Video? "Why Be Catholic"

Hey guys; just curious if any of you know where I can find the video on the internet of Dr. Ray Guarendi giving a talk on “Why Be Catholic”? I just saw the one hour special on EWTN and it was fantastic! :thumbsup:

Thanks !!!

A Google search on “Ray Guarendi” “Why Be Catholic” turned up several internet sources, including this one for Ignatius Press.

That Talk was AWESOME!!!

www.ninevehscrossing.com has it for about 19.99.

I saw a free series of his on EWTN’s audio library on parenthood.

My wife and I watched the last half-hour of this program last night on EWTN. I’ve listened to Dr. Ray’s call-in advice program on Ave Maria Radio (which I would describe as a Catholic version of the Dr. Laura show), so I was surprised to hear him speaking on the topics of apologetics and evangelization. Nonetheless, his presentation was intelligent and engaging, and I highly recommend it.

It’s fantastic! His talk on the Eucharist and birth control are right on. I love Dr. Ray!

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