Dr. to Oprah, Michael J. Fox: embryonic stem cells bad


This issue of Jill Stanek’s column includes a youtube you need to see about embroyonic stem cell research. This is a must see: youtube.com/user/LifeReport

Below is a related article. Oprah is truly lost and we should pray for her.

I don’t really understand the debate going on over this. We have actual cures using adult stem cells and we should pursue research for other cures using adult stem cells and/or iPS. Yet, scientists persist in pursuing unethical, immoral embryonic stem cell research. Why? Is hope the only reason? But, shouldn’t hope be placed in something that not only has shown promise in many areas, but that has actually delivered in several areas? I just don’t understand it. My guess is that it is all about money and power. Those two things are, after all, the roots of a lot of evil in this world.

"Oprah’s website buries Dr. Oz’s ‘stem cell debate is dead’ statement

Chicago, Ill., Apr 8, 2009 / 01:08 pm (CNA).- Yesterday, Dr. Mehment Oz appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to voice his support for adult stem cell research and to argue that “the stem cell debate is dead,” but instead of giving his statement a fair hearing, Oprah’s website buried and edited Oz’s comments. "…

Entire article here: catholicnewsagency.com/new.php?n=15642

By the way, the stunned look on Oprah’s face is almost comical. And, the body language with her shifting around in her chair makes it quite obvious that she is uncomfortable with the direction Dr. Oz went with his comments. Priceless.

You can see part of the episode of Oprah here: Catholic News Roundup

Watch Oprah’s face - she just seems horrified when he starts saying that the debate is dead!! :wink: When you think about how much energy she and MJFox have put into the dead debate, I’m sure they are just freaking out to be there with this doctor who so many people look to for “advice” who is telling them they were wrong.

Well well well… :cool:


Oprah along with many others wanted to jump on the embryonic stem cell research bandwagon early on–too early, as all the progress was and is being made using adult stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cell technology. As the Dr. explained, it avoids the problem of ESC’s causing cancer, it works better, and doesn’t destroy embryos. Unfortunately, the Obama administration is pushing ESCR and not this technology. It is ideologically driven rather than scientifically driven, because the use of embryonic stem cells helps to support pro-abortion policies. But there is no moral problem when non-embryonic stem cells are used.

When the 2994 Democrat convention was going on, I happened to hear a couple of the early speeches on the radio. I could not understand why there was such applause every time embryonic stem cell research was mentioned. It was so strange–I had barely even heard of this! And then I realized just what you said: helps support the “need” for abortion. Very sad.

I noticed Oprah being stunned also, but was unaware she burried the info on her website. I can’t watch Oprah, and have no respect for her anymore. However, so many people do and I am sorry she is now deciding against science. The left picks and chooses what science they like.

You would think that if these people ( oprah, MJF, etc…) wanted cures for real they would
go for what already works, or at least all possible options. Instead they focus solely, or almost solely, on the least promising and most controversial research. Makes one wonder what their real motives are.

I have never been an Oprah fan and with all the new age stuff and “religion” she has come up with lately, I never will be. But, many people think very highly of her and are influenced by her. With that kind of clout, she could truly be a force for good if that is what she would choose. But, it looks like she has chosen otherwise.

I was thinking about that too. I wondered what MJF was thinking when the camera was on his face. He and his family have so much at stake. If it were me, I would be enraged to learn that the science that has actually produced results and may soon produce a cure for him is being ignored in favor of pursuing immoral, unethical research that has shown no positive results at all. I’d be very angry to think that I was being used to garner support for an option that has not offered any results while a real option was not being pursued due to political, money and power issues.

While this recent stunt with Michael J Fox and Dr. Oz is on a long list of what I don’t like about her- my main reason is her new age religion that many are following along with her. She does have a lot of influence. It is sad in my opinion that people turn over their minds to a popular Hollywood type.

This has been my question as well. ESCR has yielded nothing but tumors, where as ASCR has proven so much in the way of hope for those who are actually suffering.

Who are these people trying to help, people like Oprah who talk a whole lot about wanting to do good for others, (and I know she does in a lot of ways) is doing nothing for those who need a cure by helping those with the agenda of death push for ESCR. That is a lot of money going to find absolutely nothing.

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