?Dr. Wayne Dyer

What is Dr. Dyer about? It all sounds so inviting is it good for a Catholic. What else could I read on changing: eg. learn forgiveness and love, change for the better

Sharon Lee Giganti is one of Catholic Answers frequent guests. I would recommend searching the Radio Archives and listening to her. She specifically speaks on Wayne Dyer in this episode, but all of her episodes are worth listening to.

BTW, she does not think listening to Wayne Dyer is a good idea.

Coming from that world in the long long ago past, I can attest to the fact that the devil often uses a lot of truth and scripture, but there’s always a little poison pill of a lie or two that can deceive even the most ardent believer. Now I’m not saying Wayne Dyer is the devil… please don’t misunderstand me, but I think this very nice man has been deceived in many ways…


I think that the basic idea (eventually) that Wayne Dyer and other people of the New Age movement get to is that YOU are God. When it all boils down… the end result… if you realize the power that you have… you can have everything you want… you just command the universe to provide it to you.

It is a very very small tweek on the “ask and you shall receive.” This is the ‘you have the power, command it and it will be given to you.’

We are not God. We NEED God.

That is where Wayne Dyer and others fall off track.

But like the other poster suggested, listen to SLG on Catholic Answers Live (:thumbsup:). She is great.

Check out the earlier post back in 2004. Now fast forward to 2015. The enemy is getting more and more clever, I just saw Wayne Dyer on a new PBS special for the first time yesterday. So I did some research on the web and found several u tube videos he’s done. Over the years it is evident that he has taken a lot of leverage with catholic saints and holy sites. In one of his latest personal testimonies he talks about a personal healing he experienced and references a healer he has visited named John of God. As I continued my research into all of his teachings I could feel why people are drawn to him, because of how he inter-winds scripture into his message. However he is always quick to point out that it could also be of other forces or spiritualism other than a christian God. His unwillingness to give all glory to God our father and creator kept a check in my spirit. Upon further research about the person (faith healer) John of God I found several u tube videos and several Oprah and CNN articles that seemed to be giving approval of this faith healer. But thank God Catholic Answers and Johnnette Benkovic’s site Women of Grace had great articles exposing this faith healer John of God and Wayne Dyer as charlets of the New Age movement. It’s very apparent as time goes on the enemy is quoting scripture and preforming healing’s to mask himself as an angle of light to draw in more unsuspecting Christians. Unfortunately many are our Catholic brothers and sister.

Link does not work. Is there another link?

I watched the same PBS show too, I will admit at first glance, it all does sound very convincing, but then again, so does Joel Olsteen.

‘John of God’ reminds me of the verse that warns us about false prophets that have supernatural abilities, healings do seem amazing, but have to keep in mind Satan gives this power for a reason and sadly, alot of people get tricked.

Let’s see - there is Dr. Oz, Dr. Dyer, Dr. Laura, Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil and there was even Dr. Seuss!!! To me they are all making a lot of money on tv, on the radio, writing their biographies and their self help books. I guess there was Dr. Spock in the 50’s trying to tell parents how to raise their kids.
I don’t watch or listen to any of their shows or buy their books.
But what does this say about us as a society when people can find the time to watch Oprah or Dr. Phil or listen to Dr. Laura or read Dr. Dyer, but they can’t find the time to read the Bible or spend one hour in church.

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