Drag Queen Masculinity

I can tell how much gay men have damaged masculinity. I got my ear pierced with a small diamond stud back in the mid-1980s when most straight white guys didn’t do that. Now, half the young guys I see, most of them straight, have at least one earring and some of them even have earrings in both ears.

But what have earrings got to do with masculinity?

Nothing, but 40 years ago men having earrings was frowned upon by some people who perceived them to be kind of feminine and unmanly.

I’m a woman, and I love earrings on men! I think it’s an option some men choose because their jobs make it unsafe for them to wear rings, bracelets or necklaces, but post earrings are safe.

But I realize that many women do NOT like earrings on men. (And likewise for men–they don’t like to see their fellow men wearing earrings.)

But I also hearken back to the 1970s and would LOVE to see ruffled sleeves for men’s shirts come back!!! I think that the men’s clothing of rhe 1700s (ala Colonial America) is so nice, and would love to see men wearing those tight leggings to the knees, white stockings, buckled shoes, a ruffled undershirt, and a long waistcoat–and of course, a pocket watch on a chain, and preferably some kind of coin or other charm hanging on the chain, too.

And no stupid smart phone sticking out of their back pocket!!! Blech! Newspapers–the sign of the educated man!

Yes, I am definitely lost in the past.

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Pierced earrings on men are a LONG ways from Drag Queens! How about the sailors of old who sported a pierced earring as a sign they had crossed the equator?

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