Drag queen priest



I don’t ever watch these shows, but saw a commercial yesterday for tonights The Insider, and lo and behold, a piece on a priest by day, drag queen by night. The link to the promo for tonights episode is above.

I don’t know for sure what his status as a priest is, but he definitely appears to be a Catholic priest. Anyone know what the deal with this guy is, and who we write to get him removed, if he hasn’t been already?

The correct course would be to contact his bishop.

I pray he is not in communion with Rome. I pray that he is some fringe group priest that is out on his own. I also pray that while he is preaching God’s Word he comes to understand it and changes his ways.

He is not a Roman Catholic Priest. He is a clergyman of one or the other various Old Catholic Jurisdictions.

Don’t worry.

And while we’re on the subject, kennewickmike, drag is not about homosexuality, but entertainment. Rudolph Guiliani and Milton Berle–both heterosexual–did it.

How do you think Juliet, Portia, and Lady Macbeth were played at the time of Shakespeare?

If he is doing for fun in some church social I guess it is o.k., but that is not the way the story is being portrayed in the promo. Thanks for the lesson on drag queens though.

Did you guys notice that he is wearing his stole outside his chasuble?

He’s probably not even a priest. It’s some stunt or joke.

Post #4 above. He is not in communion with Rome, he is what’s called “Old Catholic.” Not everything that has “catholic” in the name is obedient to our Pope (in communion).

Not a Catholic Priest. An “Old Catholic” priest. Not the same. Not in communion with Rome:

<-Looks good, doesn’t it? Do not be deceived!

<-They are full of Baloney!!


Yes, we discussed him over in the Non-Catholic religions forum. Here is the link to his church:


Some of their beliefs include:

Our church recognizes equally both women and men serving as valid Catholic deacons, priests, and bishops in apostolic succession. Clergy may be single or married. Celibacy in not mandatory amongst clergy.

We maintain the Seven Sacraments of Baptism, Penance, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders, and Annointing of the Sick. The Sacrament of Marriage is offered to both same and opposite sex couples.


Fr. Capretta is not a Roman Catholic priest.

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