Drama in England: The Christmas Poster of Ultrasound View of Jesus in the Womb With a Halo That Unintentionally Became a Powerful Pro-Life Message

This poster upset abortion forces in the UK. In 2010 church groups in the UK created a poster in honor of Christmas that showed Jesus in the womb, with a halo around his head. They put it in churches, retail stores, bus shelters, and homes. A pro life-leader there said that this advertisement says “that Jesus was alive as a person before he was born. They have a halo around his head.” This is not a cluster of cells but a person. It is a powerful statement; it is about the humanity of the unborn, he said. This event, which occurred six years ago without much notice, is still worth hearing about.
see theguardian.com/world/2010/jun/09/church-ad-campaign-jesus-womb

I am glad that the UK still holds on to some Christian values.


I can’t find anywhere in the article that says “abortion forces” were “upset” by the poster.

The only outside group quoted here is the National Secular Society, which is a group of people who are both pro-choice and anti-abortion.


It’s too bad they didn’t use more of a medieval halo. That one looks like a frisbe.
But the thought is nice. Jesus certainly was a human being in the womb.


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