Dramatized Old Testament


Today I bought the Truth and Light New Testament. It’s a dramatized audio book version of the RSV-CE. So far I’ve listened to some of it and love it! Such a great way to absorb and “read” the Scriptures.

So I was wondering if there is any dramatized version of the Old Testament. Honestly I’d prefer the RSV-CE because of the continuity, but honestly any dramatized OTE would be great (if I have to, I wouldn’t mind a Protestant translation).

If that doesn’t exist, can you recommend a well read and produced Old Testament?

Thanks so much!


Not the version you are looking for, but I own this company’s complete KJV dramatized version and it is very good. Complete with sound effects such as rain and thunder.


Thanks. I’ve really started loving the KJV. The language of the DRB and KJV is so beautiful.


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