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What is it that seems to draw many young people, who have never experienced the TLM , to the Latin Mass? I find this subject kind of interesting.

I personally think that the TLM would become an influential group in the future of the Church because the Novus Ordo seminaries are emptying but the Traditional ones are growing.
Any opinions on that?

Of course I have an opinion. Thats why I lurk around various forums.
Now as to your question; we are taking a young family to a TLM this Sunday. They are converts with 3 years of NO experience in them. They have, on ocassion, attended the TLM. And they have fallen in love with it. Only problem for them has been his work schedule. Rotating shifts, with 4 on and 3 off.
But I have been persistant and found that they have Mother’s Day off, so I cornered them about the TLM and they thought the idea was great. So my wife and I are taking them with their 5 children to a High Mass.
I asked them why they love it so much and they said the Reverence, chant, and being very close to God. They say that it was not that evident in the NO Mass and they were hungry for the spirituality.

I have two theories;

(1) Children essentially follow their parents in worship when they are young, especially if the father attends Mass. Traditionalists have a tendency to have more kids too.

(2) Children don’t usually carry around as much baggage as their parents and are usually open to more things, including liturgy, music, art, etc. Some just like “to do their own thing” and some do it just to be different.

What, exactly, is a “Novus Ordo” seminary? And no, they are not “emptying;” many fine young men are being called to serve in the priestly ministry. Just because they may not be called to a “traditional” (lower case “t”) society does not mean that they are any less of a bona fide catholic priest than one from a “traditional” group.

Do you realize that that is a very bigoted thing to say? There is only one holy, catholic apostolic church full of men from differing backgrounds; they are all equally catholic.

The reasons may be as varied as there are people. :shrug:

For me (though I am 55 so don’t qualify as “young”) it is the contemplative aspects of the mass. It’s harder for my mind to wander as I read along the prayers in my missal while the priest is saying them in Latin. This reading along creates a stronger connection than just listening to the prayers being read which is what happens at the OF mass. There is, for me anyway, a greater sense of participation at the EF than at the OF.

I also like the music and the fact that father (FSSP) is available for confession before and sometimes after mass.

Those attending also seem generally to be more reverent and respectful of others praying after mass. The Church does not sound like a “cafeteria” like it does at my “home” parish.


We are rebelling just like those from the 60’s & 70’s, only difference is that we are rebelling against the world! Returning to innoncense is what I saw :slight_smile:

I am 25 and just ordered a copy of a 1962 missal. Even before that I was always interested in the TLM, and it’s thanks to Gregorian chant that I was drawn closer to it. I grew up in the OF and I still attend it more then the EF because the mass is the mass, but I just love the reverence and music of EF.

Rebelling, you just may be right.

The Revolution failed. Now the Counter-Revolution is gaining momentum and will sweep away all the bad ways it introduced. Naturally, those who are still manning the barricades will be the last to go, and won’t go quietly. Well enough.

It’s always the way of it with failed revolutions: they surge onto the scene, kill a lot of people (in this case spiritually instead of physically), wreck a lot of stuff, and then the whole thing is falls apart. We will be blessed to pick up the pieces, I think.

Deo Gratias!

Well, personally, I think I was drawn to it partly because of my love of history, and partly because I found it so beautiful and so uplifting (I’ve never attended one in person, but judging from what I read and saw) it is a wonder why it just vanished…

archangel04 brings a good point: wearing outlandish fashions and listening to really loud music is so 1980’s. :wink:

Lol yes what’s in is reverence and sacred music:thumbsup:, but then again that’s been in for 2000 years.

  1. The priest facing the tabernacle
  2. Receiving communion kneeling and on the tongue (prior to my first TLM, it had always been in the hand)
  3. Women wearing veils
  4. Gregorian chant
  5. Asperges me

All these things drew me in and contributed to a sense of the sacred and a reverence at Mass that I hadn’t experienced before.


It’s because we find ourselves with an understanding of what the sacrifice of the Mass really is (given to us by the Holy Spirit, I’m sure), and this just doesn’t fit with most of the Novus Ordos we’ve grown up with. Then we stumble across a TLM, and there we find an outward reverence, beauty, and love of God that we thought only was found inside our own hearts. And in that perfect expression of worship that we had never thought was possible in this life, we are hooked and can’t get enough of this little taste of heaven.

Don’t be upset, Tim. A Novus Ordo Seminary is “a seminary where only the OF Mass is taught”. An example of a priest from a NO seminary can generally be found in “most” parishes. Soon perhaps all ordained priest will be taught both forms of the Roman Rite.

LOL I think you know exactly what a NO seminary is, and they are emptying. Try this on for size: how many priests were ordained out of the tiny FSSP this year compared to the massive Archdiocese of Los Angeles? I rest my case.

I’m a fifteen year old and what is this alternate version of the mass that is becoming more popular? I’m confused.

There’s so much more to it than this!

I am 27 years old, and a cradle catholic who was catechized in the 80s and 90s. I LEARNED NOTHING about my faith!

literally-- we refer to CCD as “cut color and draw” for a reason. it was COMPLETELY devoid of any tangible, meaty substance! I’ve blogged about this very topic recently (see link in my signature line).

Those “revolutionaries” who made all their “progress” can feel good about themselves, because they have a frame of reference for a pre- Vatican II church. They were FED their meat and potatoes ‘back in the day’ when we bothered to teach Catholic children anything substantial about their faith. People of that generation grew up having to memorize catechism, and/or Bible passages. they can name the holy days. They can tell you waht is meant by “Real Presence” in the Eucharist.

People my age? We got nothin’. You guys got the meat and potatoes, but by the time I rolled into CCD, all the church was serving was dessert! My entire Catholic education consisted of “God is love, it’s all good, we’re all the same, be tolerant of others”. Well that’s all fine and dandy, but it’s incomplete AT BEST. You know what you get when you feed people dessert only? You get a generation of people who are hungry-- and they either go snacking elsewhere after dinner (leave the church), or they go back and cook the meat and potatoes themselves (which is what my hsuband and I are doing-- researching our faith).

We’re drawn to the TLM, and to traditionalism, because we were raised on a faith so watered down and thin that it slipped through our very fingers and left NOTHING to grasp on to. We want to hold on to something! ESPECIALLY those of us raised in liberal parishes, or by non-practicing parents. We’re drawn to the TLM, and to traditionalism because it is a rich, creamy soup-- both filling and nourishing. We didn’t even realize we were starving without it.

The “Alternate form”, officially refered to as the Extraordinary form EF, and unofficially as the TLM is the "Tridentine (or traditional) Latin Mass. It was the form of the Mass used for many centuries prior to the Mid 1960’s and changes introduced by Vatican II.

HERE is a good website that includes tutoials and links to videos of the EF mass being read.



Great posting…


:thumbsup: That’s completely it!

I’m a decade behind you… nothing has changed :frowning:

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