Drawing the line in 'Satanic' Music

What exactly defines ‘satanic’ music and what defines music that is immoral or wrong to listen to, and are both of these definitions interchangeable?

Really, I just need an answer for a specific musical group and wether or not I should listen to them and wether or not it would sinfull to listen to them.

The band “The Mars Volta” is not really a satanic band I believe, but where I’m worried is about a specific album they made. In short, they used a Ouija Board during the creation of he album. They would take what it said and used it as inspiration for the album’s concept and it’s lyrcis. The Link given gives more detail.


The real issue is that I really enjoyed the band and especially enjoyed this album. Personally, I think it’s their best album and one of my favorites from any band. But, once I read about this ‘satanic’ controversy, I stopped listening to any song off of the album completely but I just want to know if this is necessary or if it is ok to still listen to this album. Any help would be great.

I like Rock Music as well but I’ve started drawing the line on blasphemous lyrics. There are many good rock bands out there which doesn’t blaspheme God. Although they may have some sexually suggestive lyrics, some of which I’ll tolerate if its not too over the top.

Its up to you to decide if the lyrics do send a negative message. There are plenty of good rock songs and bands out there that doesn’t cross that line.

Gregorian’s Ave Satani is a cool song…it is not Satanic, but the lyric/chanting does sound like a hymn to Lucifer. The song is entirely in Latin.

Sanguis bibimus
Corpus edibus
Sanguis bibimus
Corpus edibus.
Rolle corpus
Ave, ave versus Christus
Ave, ave versus Christus
Ave Satani

Sanguis bibimus
Corpus edibus
Rolle corpus
Satani, Satani, Satani
Ave, ave Satani

E Nomine’s Lucifer is another song about Satan, but I don’t think it is Satanic. The lyric is written in first person. This song is in German and Latin.

I come from the Kingdom of Evil.
My Kingdom is the Evil.
(I am) the abyss, the assessor, the chaos.
Fallen from God, I am the tempter,
the destroyer, the Anti-Christ.
My name is Lucifer.
“My name is legion, and we come with many.”
“My name is legion, and we come with many.”
“My name is Lucifer!”
Lucifer, the Devil of the Dead
Neither God or Arch Angel

Beside these two songs, I won’t touch any other band with blasphemous lyrics.

A whole lot of it depends on how you perceive the music. That’s the tricky thing. Anybody can interpret a song in their own way and there’s nobody to say they’re wrong (nope, not even the original artist ;)).

Remember that even bands like TMV want to be controversial, make money, sound cool, market themselves, etc. I have no doubt they have experimented with the occult. Most people have these days. But the songs they write, as an experimental prog-rock band, sound cooler if it looks as if its contained within a theme. Take it all with a pinch of salt.

The Bedlam in Goliath is a great album, but if you find yourself being led to sin or drawn away from God then you should probably give it a miss.

I’m a bit unsure, even now, whether or not I’m approaching this issue with the right mindset, but I am in the same boat, albeit a more serious one. I have been a fan of several openly anti-Christian bands for several years, namely Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth. Their lyrics (when I ever care to glance at them) are offensive and blasphemous, but their styles of music and sound are unique, in my experience at least. I find the genre of symphonic black metal to be immensely appealing with regard to its style and sound - the synthesis of heavy metal with orchestral arrangements is one of my favorite kinds of music, alongside (odd, I know) Frank Martin (and various other classical composers) and Frank Sinatra.

Perhaps my reasoning here is faulty, and perhaps someone may point it out to me, but what I do when I listen to the music is kind of tune out the words, when they happen to be intelligible (which is not very often, let me tell you, given the way these folks “sing”). When I do understand the words, I often think of what they are contradicting in terms of my faith and run through my head the reasons for why I believe in that particular doctrine that the band is denying or ridiculing. An important part of this approach for me is that the lyrics which I have seen by these bands are, to be frank, incredibly shallow and insubstantial with regard to real meaning or value. They are obviously trying very hard to sound evil, to project a specific image of themselves to the listener, and in my case, I find their position rather sad and pathetic. They never really give reasons for why they say these things: they just say them, and that tells me that they want attention. I often laugh when I hear certain parts of songs because of the ridiculousness of a line, the utter ignorance of it. As you may have guessed, when it comes to music of this genre (metal, and rock in general), I listen solely for the sound of the music and pay no attention to the lyrics.

That’s my take on it, anyway. I’ve never heard of those bands you mentioned, but I imagined that the principle was the same, essentially.

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