Drawn to Protestant culture


From the OP: “I have been brought to tears at a Baptist church service (I attended with a college boyfriend several times) seeing people come forward to receive Jesus.”

This is what happens every single day in every single Catholic church around the world when we recieve the Eucharist! It is truly a daily miracle. Perhaps if you are able to focus more on the Eucharist, you will be moved to tears in a Catholic Church too. I usually am blurry eyes as I make my way up the isle :slight_smile:


And I’m grinning like a loony baboon for joy.


I’m actually specifically talking about Protestant “culture” rather than Protestant theology. Their interactions with one another, how they express their faith, how and where they experience God and worship, how they apply faith to their daily lives. I have no intention of abandoning Catholic doctrine as I find it ultimately to have the truth. I do not listen to anything with an anti-Catholic bias and would not support such programs.

I guess I’d like to embrace many facets of the Protestant experience while not losing my Catholicism.


My dear friend

If you want to mingle with catholics who live with the tremendous spirit of the first christians adapted to the modern world try Opus Dei. go to opusdei.us/ there all over the world. Pick your country on here.

May God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


That’s a good idea.


It is the specialty of groups like the Moody Bible college to appeal to people’s emotions- to get them all stirred up, and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Don’t let emotions lead you astray though- emotions are just that- emotions.

The great Spanish mystic, Saint John of the Cross, had this to say:

It should be known, then, that God nurtures and caresses the soul, after it has been resolutely converted to his service, like a loving mother who warms her child with the heat of her bosom, nurses it with good milk and tender food, and carries and caresses it in her arms. But as the child grows older, the mother withholds her caresses and hides her tender love; she rubs bitter aloes on her sweet breast and sets the child down from her arms, letting it walk on its own feet so that it may put aside the habits of childhood and grow accustomed to greater and more important things. The grace of God acts just as a loving mother by re-engendering in the soul new enthusiasm and fervor in the service of God.

Look into EWTN. I particularly recommend any of the shows by Father John Corapi.


again…if you can’t get EWTN on TV in your area…try it on the internet…LIVE STREAMING TV



Hi, it sounds like what you’re drawn to is not Protestantism itself, but rather towards having more enthusiasm for our faith? :slight_smile: I’d say that’s not an exclusively Protestant thing ,but a Catholic one too :slight_smile:


no no don’t think that :slight_smile: I can say about Mass…sometimes I LOOK bored, but I am not at all. I’m just trying to concentrate on the Mystery that I see in front of me: the Eucharist… maybe this is true for others as well :slight_smile: I used to be Protestant (non denom) and yes it’s more emotion-oriented, but I can say for certain - there is more grace in Catholicism, and it’s deeper. Emotion is exciting at first but after a while you find yourself empty looking for something ‘more’.

also Protestant churches tend to be more ‘expressive’ in style and Catholicism is more meditative, contemplative. Have you ever explored these sides of the faith?

God bless


You can listen to Catholic radio all day long, on your computer.




You can also download many Catholic podcasts, including Catholic Answers right here!


Unsure if part of the strenght of Protestant faith is a simpler emphasis on Father and Father relationship … while yet sadly missing out on giving true honor to The Father through a trusting relationship , in His visible authority, the Holy Father …

True, The Father relatedness is there in plenty in our Church too , yet it might have to be brought into our own awareness with some effort …


Happened to see the note , in a church , about some starting this novena today , July 24th ( the prayer - God is my Father ’ is as far as I know , from an approved apparition ) .with a Feast dedicated to honor The Father, in a special way, on Aug 2nd .

Glad to see such a devotion becoming more popular …

After all, our Lord came to reveal to us The Father and His goodness …’ if you have seen Me, you have seen The Father '…

May we children be richly blessed in the Father Love ,by honoring Him , in all ways we ought to … and meditating on all the sufferings of our Lord , along with His Mother, the spiritual Mother of all …(a glaring defect in those who do not honor her …) which in turn , as promised by her, is a very good way to find strenght and closeness to Love …


God bless !


This is not one of the strengths of Protestantism. I almost never prayed the Lord’s Prayer or thought of God as my Father while I was Protestant, and neither did my family, even though we were very devout.

Also, many parts of Protestantism lack the ecclesiastical hierarchy. Often, one pastor and his private theology dominates a congregation, so they have their own miniature “pope” situations. Other times, people don’t accept any authority from anyone but themselves and their own interpretations of scripture, making themselves popes. But the pastor-parishioner relationship is not the same as the priest or religious brothers and sisters’ relationships with laypeople in Catholicism. The priests are far more hands-on, active in helping people develop spiritually, than one will often find in Protestantism.

In my experience, the Father emphasis is much greater and much more blessed in Catholicism. Though I may be looking at it from too limited a vantage point.


Thank you for the correction/clarification and first hand witnessing ; the lure of false , illusive freedom as promised in The Garden seems the more likely reason …

God bless !


Yes, on the conversion journey I came to see many important parallels between Adam and Eve’s sins in the Garden of Eden and the “fall” of the Reformation. The lure of false, illusive freedom is definitely one of them. It’s freedom of the world, the freedom of lawlessness, and as the Scripture says, “sin is lawlessness.” True freedom is spiritual, though, and is found in Jesus Christ alone.


It seems that you feel this way just through listening to Protestant radio, etc…

Have you actually started socializing with Protestants?

I was a Protestant for over 30 years. Jumped around to different churches, etc.

Let me just say … keep seeking Protestants and you’ll get a good dose of Anti Catholicism and I pray when you do, you’ll revolt their culture and stay Home … there are some meanies out there. (personal experience)

Keep with the truth!


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