Dream interpretation?


Is dream interpretation okay to do?


This should help:ewtn.com/library/SPIRIT/DREAMS.TXT

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Hello kitty,

I would say yes.  

Instinct provides guidance for all of the animal kingdom.  For some reason instinct isn't as pronounced in humans.  It therefore needs to work through more subtle means.  Look at dreams as a form of guidance as opposed to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.  There are also many books written about dreams that will help make your dreams more valuable.  The group I'm a member of is very much into dreams.


so using dreams to foretell the future is bad. But what about if you have a dream, think its significant but you arent 100% sure why, forget about it, and then something happens in your life that makes you think back to your dream and possibly realize its significance. Is it okay then to use the dream to help guide what to do, especially if you think it may have been from God (but aren’t 100% sure)?


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The trouble is that many dreams go way beyond any interpretation.
They can be totally wacky. Some dreams are almost like being awake. I think it is possible to see parallels of your own life in dreams, but I don’t think they are easily interpreted. Your mind is really just letting off steam in dreams, and creating stories out of all the things you have seen in real life.


I agree with you very much :slight_smile: I guess my question is : could dream interpretation be considered a sin at all by the Catholic Church?


If you are talking about it as a form of fortune telling then yes it is a sin. Any attempt to fortell the future is a problem. On the other hand if you are talking about dream analysis to pick out things that your subconscious has raised that maybe your conscious mind buried that is okay.

Observing and analyzing what has been is okay, but trying to divine the future isn’t.


Thanks for your answer!

So what about if you have a dream, think it’s significant but don’t know why and forget about it. Later something happens that makes sense of your dream. Is it bad to follow the dream then? Especially if you think that it might possibly be a message from God?


Suppose you do that, that is, act on it as being a sign/direction from God. And suppose it comes true as the sign indicated. You will always wonder if it really was a sign even tho you may tell others it was a sign. For your mind will know that it isn’t certain. But the aftermath of this is that you will start to look for signs/dreams in the future and maybe depend on them. And if they don’t come, then what? And if they do come and mislead you, then what? It is a form of dependency. The guidance we need is the church.

Or suppose you do that, act on it, and then it heads south. Then you might feel that God has misdirected you giving you that bad sign. Then this might challenge your faith in God.
Or if you do not blame God, then you will wonder if God really thinks much of you by not preventing you making that decision, or not caring.

There are a lot of senarios on looking at signs/dreams and other such indicators. There is just no way to know whether God is involved or not, or what these things really mean. It is so iffy.

I hesitate to bring this up, but spiritual authors have said that they could also be part of satan’s plan to mislead you, by giving you a good sign so you will listen to him in the future, or a bad sign so you will lose faith in God. And who is to say?

Or it could be that you had too many onions on that sandwich last night.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.


Yes, I agree with everything you said. If we ever try to think we have special knowledge, or have a magic formula for explaining our lives, we are actually acting against God, whom we must totally rely on. God is the only one to trust, even when we can’t figure out why our lives are out of whack or why bad things are happening to us. God will make a way.


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