Dream Lectionary


What translation would be used in your dream lectionary?


The current translation is fine, except for the psalms… I prefer the translation from the liturgy of the hours.

To me, it is more poetic and the language is not as choppy.


Except for the RSV-CE’s translation of Malachi 1:11, I like this Bible much more then the NAB and besides, it doesn’t have controversial foot notes like the NAB does. Yes the psalms do sound better and my cantor said he would be able to sing the RSV-CE’s psalms much easier then the NAB’s version.


The Vulgate, definitely! I love the Tridentine Mass.


RSV-CE- definitely. I think it would be cool to offer the DR as an option as well.

I’d like to see a text revision of the KJV- like they did for the RSV (making the RSV-CE). I love the Elizabethan style of language.


I’m with m13 on this…except I would like to see a “corrected and completed” NKJV as I like the center column and flow of the language.

The NAB has questionable notes and the RSV-CE has no notes. Where can I find GOOD notes?


Go The Vulgate!!!


Oxford or Jerusalem!

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