Dream of Jesus?

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping I’d be able to get some opinions on what my dream may mean on here. Two days ago, i had this strange dream. My room was dark before i closed my eyes, and as soon as i drifted off to sleep, it seemed like i began dreaming, but it felt like it was taking place in the same room, same darkness before drifting off to sleep. All of a sudden, and i can’t really explain this but everything warped in the darkness, it felt pretty negative and evil. I remember feeling very scared of what was happening. Then from what I remembered, i yelled “help me Jesus” twice. Immediately after, i found myself embracing someone. What was very interesting was i could vividly remember the texture of the clothing during that embrace. It felt like heavy material fabric, and it had texture. It didn’t feel like a T-shirt or jacket. It felt as if this fabric was clothing the entire person, like a robe or gown. After that, i was kissed. This person suddenly stood up and left, and i remembered wanting to know if it was Him. As he stood up and left, i caught a glance of the side of his face…keep in mind everything was still dark and I’m only able to see silhouettes. But i was able to see that he had long hair and even though it was dark, i could tell that He was wearing a white colored robe. I immediately knew it was Him. He didn’t say a word though. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me an interpretation of what this could mean. For the past few weeks, i have been having problems and stress, whether home or work. I’d really like to know what this dream may mean. Thank you very much!

Perhaps it means you want to develop a stronger relationship with Christ and His peace?

I really do. :blush: or perhaps He might be telling me something or sending me a message? I rarely get these dreams so it’s interesting to know what this means.

I understand.
But I guess it could also mean Christ in a way is what keeps you stable in your hectic life, as it sounds like you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed.
Or something, I’m just guessing.

What a nice dream, to have the experience of help from Jesus. Keep that with you in your mind as you go through life. When you face a difficulty, remember how it felt to be hugging Jesus and having him come to help you. And do try to be closer to him.

I’ve never had a Jesus dream. I had a couple of dreams when I was younger that I think gave me a small foreshadowing of what Heaven is like. I had always wondered. Now I know what it might feel like, actually it is probably much better than any feeling in a dream, but if it was even just like the dream it would be wonderful and I couldn’t wait to go. I can’t describe the feeling i had in the dream but it was a greater happiness than anything I ever experienced on earth even when I was very happy (and had nothing to do with any chemical substances as I was quite young and totally sober at the time of these dreams).

Or an Angel…
Either was it’s a good dream even if you got scared. We are supposed to fear God and I am not sure about the pinky version of those who claim to have contact with Jesus and “celestial beings”. Too pink, too new age, it fits too much of what we expect.
But you felt fear so did not expect this which means it wasn’t a figment of your imagination I think. It wasn’t like you looked at his icons all day and then you dreamed him the way you expected Him to be like. So take the fear and surprise as a good sign. So you don’t have doubts!

That’s interesting. Earlier this week I had a dream that included St. John the Baptist. Perfect for Advent, I suppose.

What a wonderful dream. I believe that Jesus can speak to us through our dreams … so hold on tightly to the remembrance of that dream.

Hi LizLiz!

Wow! Your dream sounds wonderful! Treasure it always. I wish I could have a dream like yours.


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