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I am 24 years old and for most of my life have never really believed in any god. At the end of this month my father will have been passed on for 3 years, him and my mother were both very much against religion and faith until a few nights ago I shared their choice. 4 nights ago I had a dream of my father and a friend who had recently passed away from a long time illness and they spoke to me about needing to find God and needing to fix the relationship I never wanted in the past to have, I woke up and brushed it off as a strange dream, the 2nd night it was just my father continuing to urge me to speak to a priest or speak to someone of faith about God and the feeling was like the night before I felt like I was actually there with him not like the other dreams I have had where it was a memory or something it was as if I felt him there and I was happy and almost a feeling of overwhelming joy. The 3rd night was again my father but this time it was almost a feeling of fear I guess, he begged me to fix my relationship with God, I remember him saying “You NEED to fix this now” “Don’t be like me, Don’t end up like me” He was crying and it was a dream I wanted to wake up from so bad I just was almost scared to sleep again, so I actually prayed to God to help me understand the dreams and then last night it was different I was in church after church after church and each time there was a different man there with me in what must have been a dozen different churches and I remember feeling like I was in love or something, I don’t know how else to really describe the feeling. I spoke to my step-father who is very catholic and he said to go to church and talk to someone that it sounded like god speaking to me through my father. I just sort of wanted a different opinion from someone who doesn’t know my family and doesn’t really know me so it isn’t bias I guess…I don’t even know if it makes a whole lot of sense but there it is…Was it just dreaming of my father since the anniversary of his death is around the corner or could it have been God telling me something?

Thank you for any help, I am just so truly lost and confused
Bailey- Portland, Oregon

I guess it could mean something?

I suppose it really depends; if these were dreams that just came to you randomly a few nights ago without any external factors influencing you (e.g., you had been thinking about religion or your father), it is possible it could be something.

It seems like God does use dreams to communicate sometimes.

We know Joseph was man of faith, obedient to whatever God asked of him without knowing the outcome. When the angel came to Joseph in a dream and told him the truth about the child Mary was carrying, Joseph immediately and without question or concern for gossip, took Mary as his wife.


"The dream was so vivid he could not distinguish it from reality. The prison bars and walls fell away and his cell was a sunlit garden blooming with flowers. Towards him came a beautiful girl dressed in pure white. He said to himself: ‘How is this? Peasant girls wear darkish clothes.’ But he saw it was Marietta. She was walking among flowers, smiling, and without the least fear. He wanted to flee from her but could not. Marietta picked white lilies and handed them to him saying, ‘Alessandro, take them!’ He accepted the lilies, one by one, fourteen of them. But a strange thing took place. As he received them from her fingers, the lilies did not remain lilies but changed into so many flaming lights. There was a lily turned to purifying flame for every one of the 14 mortal blows he struck her on the fatal day in Ferriere. Marietta said smilingly, ‘Alessandro, as I have promised, your soul shall someday reach me in heaven.’

“Contentment entered his breast. And the scene of incredible beauty dissolved in silence. When he awoke, it seemed that the rabid, choking, consuming feelings of hate, destruction, and bitterness that ruled within him were loosening their invisible bonds from his mind and flesh.” (“The Penitent” by Pietro DiDonato- Hawthorne Books, N.Y., 1962; pages 109-110)

The Dream was remarkable. Alessandro had never dreamed in his sleep. All he knew was that this dream of Marietta had opened up the gate of his interior world and exposed him to the light of God’s grace and mercy. From that time on, he was consumed to make reparation for his awful crime and sin.


It is interesting that your father said this in the dream, “Don’t be like me, Don’t end up like me”. Maybe he’s referring to purgatory, so you should pray for the repose of his soul.

God calls to all of us—and I think He is calling to you in a very special and mysterious way.

I’m fortunate to know a couple of skilled dream interpreters. Here you’ve been given a great opportunity. Blessings to you. :thumbsup:

I had a similar experience to yours. My aunt was a very devout catholic. I loved her very much. When she passed away I was unable to attend the funeral. Anyway, about 6 months later she came to me in a dream. It was unlike any dream I have ever had. She spoke clearly to me and told me “Peter, It’s all true, its all true. I’m with God now”. I woke up knowing that it was real. It was completely different from any dream I’ve ever had.
At that point in time I was away from the church 15 years. After that I began to attend mass and began the process of coming back to the church



Come on home, Bailey!

I had a similar experience. I won’t go into details, but I was in your position where I could take it either as “just a dream” or a message from God. I took it as being from God, became a Christian, and then a Catholic. And I’m home.

So, come on home. I sure believe They were speaking the truth to you. Glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

God bless you abundantly,


That reminds me…


I would so far as to say that even if external factors influenced these dreams, (e.g., thoughts about religion or the father), the Spirit is using these external factors as a medium to convey something essential.

Bailey, my recommendation to you is to be like the prophet Samuel: if you have anymore dreams like this, when you wake, pray simply, “Here I am, Lord!” I’m fairly certain you’ll reach your answer in time.

The fact that you have never really believed in God shows that God is speaking to you through a familiar figure, your Father. He does not want you to be frightened and is calling you to accept him. This should not be ignored since you have had three similar dreams. You can try going to a catholic mass and sit there and listen to the word of God. This may help you comprehend your dreams. You can also try reading some books written by Apologetics, these are usually very informative. Well good luck and God bless you.

In the Christian tradition, God has spoken to people through dreams. These are recorded in the Bible. Although we don’t base our lives on our dreams, because dreams are just dreams and most aren’t that significant to us, occasionally God can and does speak to us in this way. Now your recurrent dream seems significant enough to you that you feel there is a message for you, or it wouldn’t concern you so much. So perhaps you should take heed and ask God (even if you aren’t sure about His existance) to make Himself known to you in some way. Just a simple prayer will do. Then watch and see what happens. You probably will not experience anything dramatic, (or you may), but somehow you will get an answer.

And going to church is not a bad idea, either. Perhaps He is speaking to you through your step-father, too.

It sounds fairly straight forward to me. God does let us know in dreams what He wants. Sometimes He is fairly subtle and other times, He lets you know with a fairly clear message.

Dreams, most times are our sub concious mind letting us know that something is wrong or something needs to be fixed or it can be a mixture of deep seated desires or fantasies or fears.

I used to have dreams of driving a car or truck with faulty brakes. One of my worst fears is having difficulty stopping a moving vehicle. This became part of my regular dreams, and I am very careful to have my brakes checked and maintained. Then one time I had to move a big truck that was blocking my car. The keys were in it, so I started it and slowly moved it away BUT its brakes were super spongey and my worst nightmare became a reality. It was a few of the most terrifying moments in my life. Fortunately it did stop but I will never move a big vehicle again unless I test the brakes first.

But since your dream seems to be very vivid and straight forward. I think it doesn’t have any hidden meaning. Your father was always anti-religion, so your image of him would normally have him in that mode.

I think you already know what God wants you to do. Finding God will be the most satisfying thing you can do in your life. The saying goes, anyone who seeks God will find Him.

Unlike you, I was bought up Catholic, even though my parents were not religious, I was sent to a Catholic school and being Catholic became a big part of my upbringing. But like many teenagers, I lost my faith and left the Church for over 10 years. During that time I didn’t know what to believe in. That’s pretty scary.

Faith is a free gift from God, not every one accepts it. LIfe is infinitely better with God than without Him. There are responsibilities that goes along with faith, but the rewards are well worth it. Sometimes it is much easier not to believe but as one of the Apostles said, Lord, who else can we turn to ? You have the keys to eternal life.

Good luck on your search for God. The Catholic Church is really great place to start, after all, Jesus promises us that He will be with us until the end of time.

It sounds like your parents are either in Purgatory or in Heaven, but God is the Judge, not I.

It sounds like you will go from one church to another, seeking God, whom you will learn to love and love to seek, until you come to the Catholic Church. As an ironic gesture, I encourage you to check out different churches, see which one is the best at serving God and knowing God, and ask God to bless your search for Him.

You understand everything, and are so good and blessed.
:blush:O I mean I like your post ,there is truth in it:),

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