Dreams and sin question


Hi all.
So I am a young man who suffers with the sin of impurity. At the beginning of the liturgical year I went to confession and made a resolve to block these temptations and not succumb to them. All has been going well. I am sexually pure and I feel great in the sense I am overcoming this burden that has been such a thorn for so many years.

However I have these dreams at night, not to get into to much detail but they are of a sexual nature and impure many times and they seem stronger than ever right now. It’s to the point it is getting difficult because these dreams put that into my head again. I however am worried if dreaming these impure things is a sin, do I need to confess what I have in dreams that really are not in my control but must be showing my thoughts subconsciously? It’s been bothering me.


Dreams are not sins as we cannot control them.


There are three aspects to sin.
1 grave matter
2 knowledge
3 full consent.
If you have all three you have sin. A dream cannot have all three. Are you aware of how to decipher a sin for yourself using those three criteria?


Dreams are from the subconscious and are not within our control. No sin. But they do tell us a lot about our selves and what we repress. The question is what is a young person to do in developing chastity when hormones and culture seem to have greater influence than spiritual aspiration. Avoiding images is a start. Meditation and just letting the subconscious do its thing. Be a detached witness to it and let it go. But also I think finding other creative outlets, music, art, social outreach. Find your passion and give it your energy.


Like others have said we don’t have control over dreams. The important thing is not to dwell in them. Once you wake up you are in control so use your free will to reject these dreams and move on. Peace.

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