Dreams and visions

There are a lot of instances in the bible of biblical figures having visions and dreams.
Examples such as Jacob when he restled with an angel. Joseph, when he interpreted
the pharaoh’s dream and Daniel when he gave Nebunechanazar the meaning of his
dream. We see instances of symbolic visions in Revelation by John. St. Joseph
when the angel appeared to him in a dream to tell him to leave immediately and
escape to Egypt because the child Jesus was in danger of being killed by Herod.
What I would like to know is when Pilate’s wife, Claudia had a dream that warned
and upset her greatly. What did this dream mean? Was this dream sent by God
or was it somehow used by Satan to thwart the enemies plan?
Did Pilate’s wife later convert? thanks

Those examples are sent from God.

I am not sure about Claudia.

I dreamt of Jesus once, He either sent me this dream or my brain was trying to tell me something, the result was the same anyway.

thank you. It was just a thought and I suppose with all dreams there needs to be
discernment and you have to look if that person is a prayerful person. Even though
Claudia was pagan, it might have been for her conversion as God, so many times
in my life has taken what was bad in my life and brought some good out of it.
(Like when I was under oppression from a man and instead of converting him
he converted me and freed me from him and my sins)

We don’t know the name of Pilate’s wife. The only reference to her in the Bible does not mention her name (Matthew 27:19).

her name was Claudia Procola. Just do a simple search. I remember reading about her.
here is onhttp://www.emmitsburg.net/tlc/pastor_brie/2004/pilates_wife.htm
What do we know of her? We know, from other writings of the time, that her name was Claudia Procola, and that she had an interest in the faith of the Jewish people her husband ruled. We know that she finally became a Christian. We know that the Greek Church canonized her.
But Claudia was a woman of courage and compassion. And something in her dream about Jesus, carried into the consciousness of her day, and it made her suffer. She had a conflict in her mind and spirit. She was convicted.
That still happens-happens to many of us today, and yet we often don’t have the courage, as she did, to speak out, speak up, especially for another person.
Look at people who are “whistle blowers.” Most often they lose their jobs. Rather than be rewarded in some way for speaking out, for pointing out an injustice or a gross act of wastefulness or callousness, they are harassed, rejected.
It’s not easy to speak up when we know the possible consequences. I truly think most folks would take a stand for another person, would speak out in their favor if there were not possible severe consequences. But it takes an extra measure of courage, of compassion to do so in the face of possibly becoming a targeted person yourself.
Claudia most certainly was taking a big chance. That is, Pilate was a violent man. He is well known in history for being brutal, for putting to death many people for the least sign of rebelliousness. Pilate most certainly was abusive to Claudia, especially if she went against him in some way. So, here, sending a message to him while he is in the public eye, telling him what to do, had to have enraged him against her.
But Claudia had courage, born of her compassion, born of her being convicted through a dream that made her suffer in her awakened mind and spirit.
Because her words to her husband went unheeded, she is overlooked in the scheme of events. But as we’ve seen, her act of speaking out was one that we all need to pay attention to, one that points to our having courage to speak out when God convicts us to do so, especially to help another person.
e source.

Per crucem et passionem tuam
Libera nos domine, domine
Through Thy Cross and Passion,
Good Lord, deliver us

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