Dreams are Annoying


A dream woke me up in the wee hours. I dreamed I was making gravy in the frying pan. The problem was I didn’t know what was supposed to put the gravy on- rice, tatters or what. Even in my dream, I knew that I am not supposed to have much meat. I think my body is telling me something. I need-want lust- for about a half a cow or a good, juicy steak with fried onions and mushrooms. Yes, I am making myself hungry. The trouble with diets is that you know you are dieting. I think I will cheat just for today.


I had an awful dream last night that I was in the crumbling last days of some cult’s compound hiding in a closet with another cult member as the leader hunted we defectors down to kill us. The person next to me in the closet was stabbed with a saber and I could feel the warmth of their blood.

What did it all mean? That I’d watched a few too many cult related documentaries on Netflix and my 8 month old had both a fever and a diaper leak.


Don’t worry to much about the dream other then I think you got it right. Either go out and relax and let someone else do the cooking or make yourself a meal that will last until the next dream… You deserve it, I know how hard dieting can be, God bless.


I cheated. I did. I drove to Wend’s which is pretty close and got a double burger, fries and a frosty. Please don’t tell the Pope, or Father or my doctor. They just don’t need to know, do they? Now I feel better!


Your dream food sounds delicious. That’s one of my favorite meals!! Now you made me hungry! :yum:


Even ‘though I eat accoring to my diet I am still hungry. I am a ‘meat eater’ and I need that protein. There is plenty of other food I can have and I do. I think I must have been a "wolf’ in that ‘other’ life. Yum!


If you do a 3 day fast a couple times a month you will discover that your body has a mind of it’s own.
And I mean a real fast no food only water.
There are many books that will help.


Thank you. My diet is related to kidney or Renal failure so I have to watch what I consume. I have lost some wt. by giving up sugar, most bread, candy, and sweets. Fasting may not be a good practice for me at this time. Thanks for caring 'though.


Well then you must know your body because of medical issues. I learned my body’s cravings by fasting


I don’t think it is so much about cravings but a need for protein. The body can tell you what it needs. The thing about proteins is the affected kidneys do not handle red meat well and most kidney patients are to avoid meats. If I crave anything it is sweets but can’t have sweets either. Kidney disease affects your glucose, too. There really isn’t a cure for kidney disease. I have fasted in the past, but now is not the time to do so.


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